There are special days to honor almost everyone. We鈥檝e got the classics like Mother鈥檚 Day and International Women鈥檚 Day, but then there are others like Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day or Pi(e) Day. Today we鈥檙e making up a special day honoring all of the canine companions out there for our very own Dog鈥檚 Day. Lucky for this pup, Toyota gave us the keys to the new RAV4 so that we could take little Turkey Temple to the beach for a doggy day-cation. Not sure what a day-cation is? Check out our solo day-cation and our date day-cation.


Hello! I鈥檓 Roxy, the DIY Editor at Brit + Co, and I am the fortuitous gal who got to take our office dog Turkey to the ocean, which he LOVED! The drive was mellow and Turkey was a happy camper. The car was awesome. You know that feeling when you put your foot on the gas pedal and it seems like the engine could take you anywhere? That鈥檚 what I felt when I was driving along the coast. So good!


Turkey chilled in the back seat cute as can be, and I was able to drive him safely to the beach. The Backup Camera feature was so great. I could see what was happening behind me without having to turn around and get Turkey all excited (he does that whole, 鈥渁re-we-there-yet?鈥 thing). Also, the 18-inch Alloy Wheels were perfect for the rough terrain in the lot at the beach.


The day was all about Turkey, so if you are a dog parent or sibling or sitter, we鈥檝e got five DIYs for you to make your dog-pal鈥檚 day.

Dog-themed Carry-all

If I鈥檓 heading anywhere with a dog, I know I need to bring a few essentials on the road. From treats to poop bags to water, dogs need their own little travel bags and purses. We decided to make one that not only carries Turkey鈥檚 must-haves, but it also functions as a feeding station. A vintage vanity case did the trick.


We laser cut a board that perfectly fits on the little ledge inside and holds two bowls.


Remove the tray and you鈥檝e got plenty of space for toys, treats and puppy attire.


Nom nom nom!

Nautical Toy

Turkey is a classy lad, so we created a few DIY projects to satisfy his fashionista needs. First we鈥檝e got a nautical-themed toy. We are going to the beach after all! Want to make one? Here are the steps.


鈥 rope

鈥 fabric dye


鈥 scissors


Let鈥檚 make this thing!


First you need to dye your rope. We made a matching rope leash, so we dyed enough rope for both projects. For the toy, cut four pieces of rope that measure about 30 inches each. Mix your dye with water in a bucket and add the rope. When you achieve the color you want, rinse and dry the rope.


Next, knot the four pieces of rope together. Separate each strand of rope into four corners, and fold two opposites over to create loops. Weave one piece of rope from the side over-under and then the piece of rope from the opposite side under-over.


Pull all four ropes at once and you鈥檒l see a woven square form. Repeat this step until you have toy that鈥檚 long enough for your pup. Tie in a knot once you鈥檝e reached the end and trim the rough ends.


Turkey could not stop playing with this colorful toy!

Nautical Leash

Turkey likes to match (though he鈥檚 also partial to layering patterns these days), so we went ahead and made a leash out of the same materials as the toy. Turkey was totally into it. He told us so.


鈥 rope

鈥 RIT dye

鈥 rope clamps

鈥 leash hook


鈥 scissors

鈥 hammer


Using your dyed rope, cut three pieces that measure 2.5 yards and two pieces that measure about 30 inches.


Take the three long pieces and slide the leash hook through all of them. Fold over the rope and hammer the rope clamp in place. Braid the rope to the end.


Fold the rope into an appropriate-sized loop that will fit your hand. Use your other rope clamp to hold the loop in place.


Use the small lengths of rope to wrap around the metal clamps. Then tie them in place.


Love it!



Dog clothes can be hit or miss, but a bandana (or dogdana, as we like to call them) is always in style for a little tail-wagger. We used the spray-dye technique to make Turkey a tie-dyed 鈥榙ana. Check out some of our other spray dye tutorials to see what other cool projects you can make with this fabric dye.


Spray your bandana and let it dry. That鈥檚 it!


Puppy Treats

Like most dogs, Turkey adores the beach. So it鈥檚 important to have treats on hand so that he doesn鈥檛 run off into the distance later to be found walking barefoot on the beach paw-in-paw with some golden retriever. Since we鈥檙e honoring our petite hound friend, we went all out and made him homemade treats. Check out the full tutorial here!


We drove, we played, we whale-watched, and we ate with smiles on our faces (Turkey too). It was a ridiculously gorgeous day, perfect for a coastal cruise in the RAV4. I鈥檓 so glad we had the opportunity to try it out for this amazing doggie day-cation! Turkey agrees :)


What are your dog essentials? Tell us what you carry in your dog purse below!

This post is a collaboration with Toyota RAV4.