When it comes to dog toys, we love the creative, the quirky, and the totally weird. But, we don’t always want to let our pooches play with just anything. If you’re looking to go green for your pet as well as yourself, check out these 20 organic and all-natural toys perfect for eco-conscious canines ;)

1. Fire Hydrant ($8): Made from recycled canvas, just be careful your pooch doesn’t mistake this for a real hydrant. We love this whole collection of canvas toys – so much that we included three others in this very roundup!

2. Knit Knacks ($11 each): Knit from organic cotton, these quirky snack-inspired toys are cuddly and perfect toys for stashing in your dog’s bed.

3. Plaid Bone ($22): Hello gorgeous! You could definitely find a dog bowtie to match this stylish bone.

4. Natural Canvas Crocodile ($12): Doesn’t this look like a character out of a Dr. Seuss book? Or a Nickelodeon cartoon? We love the muted color palette on this one.

5. Red Rope Toy ($11): The classic rope toy goes organic with all-natural dyes and the whole nine yards.

6. The Origami Crane ($14): Okay, this might be our favorite toy on the whole list. Made from non-toxic canvas, this crane is designed to massage gums and remove plaque.

7. Crocheted Branch ($23): Crap, maybe this one is our favorite?! It’s lovely enough to fit easily into your home decor and it totally beats getting real branch pieces stuck in your puppy’s teeth.

8. Classic Sock Monkey Soctopus ($30): You can never go wrong with a sock monkey, and this soctopus is undeniably hilarious.

9. Veggie Pizza ($18): Pizza pizza! For the vegetarian dog, get them this veggie deluxe pizza. The bandana as tomato sauce is genius.

10. Hot Dog ($8): Another one made from recycled canvas, this looks good enough to eat! :)

11. Boiled Wood Carrot ($7): A carrot might not seem like your dog’s jam, but we assure you that this toy will be favorite. There’s just something about the texture and shape that wins.

12. Bunnies ($30 for set): These organic bunnies are dye-free, meaning no weird chemicals will go into your pup’s system. And you can make songs about little bunny foo foo running through your home, so there’s that too.

13. Elton the Octopus ($15): This octopus is chemical free, naturally dyed, and proceeds to to help homeless animals. So many wins!

14. One Helluva Tough Artichoke (eurio 13): How cute is this? It’s perfect for a California dog! It’s made from non-toxic rubber and includes a treat hole.

15. Oscar Monkey ($17): Admittedly, this looks more like e a toy for a kid than a dog, but it’s pretty darn adorable for puppies. It’s made with with pure water organic dye, making for reduced toxicity and allergy levels.

16. Hemp Dino Dog Toys ($15-$20): Hippie dog toy alert!

17. Mail Man ($8): Does your dog love chasing down the mail man? If not, this dog will teach him how :)

18. Rainbow Bone ($22): The more color, the merrier!

19. Crocheted Cupcakes ($10 each): How could we resist a crocheted cupcake or two? So hipster, and would make for about a thousand solid photo opps.

20. Canvas Cat ($8): Ouch! But you know your dog would love to just go to town on this canvas cat.

What are your dog’s favorite toys? Talk to us in the comments below.