Whether you’re winding up for a big meeting or winding down before getting your beauty rest, listening to music can alter your steps, your heart rate and even your energy levels. But instead of busting out that iPod in the board room, wouldn’t it be great if there was a stylish device you could wear to help you get in gear for all of your daily activities? Doppel, a new, wearable wristband, promises to do just that, energizing you and putting your finger on the pulse of technology.


The Doppel isn’t your conventional wearable device; there are no buttons, no screens and no distracting noises. Instead, it mimics the way your body naturally responds to upbeat or downbeat music. The Doppel helps you set your pace by producing a fast or slow pulse that you can feel on the inside of your wrist. This rhythmic pulse can boost alertness or calmness as needed for any occasion.


When you firmly squeeze the Doppel, the fast pulse kicks in and naturally invigorates you to stay focused at work or during those marathon sessions at the gym. When you stroke the ridge of the Doppel, the slow pulse kicks in and lets you calm yourself in stressful situations or when you’re ready to sleep. The dial of the Doppel acts like a volume control knob: Twisting it lets you control the intensity of the sensation you feel.


To get started with the Doppel, all you need to do is download the wearable’s app and enter your resting heart rate to calibrate the base settings. Once the calibration is complete, you can use the app to further fine-tune the settings, save a rhythm you like or save multiple settings to upload and use at any time. Don’t have a smartphone? You can still connect with a computer through Bluetooth or USB. The Doppel even comes with a micro-USB charger. After the settings have been uploaded, you don’t need your phone to control the Doppel. Just head out the door and take the Doppel with you for over five hours of battery use at maximum intensity, or 10 hours of use at low intensity.


Independent tests at Royal Holloway, University of London showed that the Doppel doubled the focus and improved the reaction times of participants who wore it, so you’ll want to get pumped up for this wearable. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to receive a brand new Doppel when you pledge $127 or more.

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(Images via Kickstarter)