Time seriously whizzed by at this year’s CES. We ran back and forth from booths to panels and it was so much crazy fun, but we gotta admit, our minds were pretty all over the place. When we stumbled across Muse, the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. Muse is a brain training headband and app that allows you to de-stress, focus more efficiently and ultimately be more productive.


Muse is like an extremely therapeutic and relaxing game sesh — yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. First, you put the headband on your forehead and pair it to your phone via Bluetooth. It’s kind of like what you would do with the Touch ID on your iPhone, except in this case it’s with your mind. Next, you do a guided exercise; at the end you get to see your results. The point of these exercises are the same as the ones you’re doing to your bod. When you’re strength training, you lift weights. When you’re trying to cut the body fat and tone up, you do cardio. When you want to focus and concentrate better, you exercise your brain through repetition. The hope is that over time, your concentration, mood and productivity levels will improve while reducing your overall anxiety and stress.


Muse uses EEG to measure your brain signals. Depending on the number of neurons being fired and on their frequencies, Muse can correlate its calculations to your state of mind. As your mind gets stronger over time, you’ll be trained to redirect your focus back to what is important.

If you want to try it out before you buy it, Muse ($299) has a risk-free 30 day trial. Otherwise, the headband is available for purchase on Muse’s website.

Are you ready to train your brain? When do you find yourself getting the most distracted? During the day or at night? We’d love to talk about it with you in the comments!