Looking for fun and games to play with kids this Easter? Easter egg hunts and egg rolling are two of the most popular Easter games. During an egg hunt, adults hide eggs — either real or candy ones — ahead of time for children to discover on Easter morning. During an Easter egg roll, kids roll colorful eggs down a hill armed with just a spoon, and a prize goes to the child who crosses the finish line first without having cracked their egg. If you will be hosting an Easter event with games, here’s how to plan the most epic Easter egg hunt ever.

The most famous Easter game in the U.S. is, of course, the Easter egg roll that’s held on the White House lawn the Monday after Easter, with 30,000 attendees. The event is so coveted that tickets are given out by lottery. The first White House Easter Egg Roll is said to have taken place in 1878, but the eggs didn’t become collector’s items until 1981, when President Reagan and the First Lady distributed eggs that had been signed by celebs, which quickly became coveted souvenirs. Every year since, the White House has chosen a designer to craft the eggs.


This year Los Angeles blogger and graphic designer Joy Cho of Oh Joy! was chosen to create the logo that will appear on eggs that come in five colors: light blue, neon orange, lilac, and mint. The eggs will be stamped with the President and First Lady’s signature on the back. A special, golden egg will be stamped with paw prints of White House pets Bo and Sunny. Every child 13 and under who participates gets to take home an egg, but you can also purchase them online.

The White House Easter eggs have to be sturdily constructed, so that so that the souvenirs survive the trauma of the game and also so that no child crosses the finish line with a broken egg. And we do love the Oh Joy! bunny logo. But we think her more crafty neon Easter eggs are to *dye* for. (Hi-yo!)

(Photo via Katie Stoops/Oh Joy!)

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