If you’ve been following Brit + Co for awhile, you may recall last year when we dressed Brit’s baby bump in all sorts of absurd, clever and creative maternity Halloween costumes. Well, it’s one year later, and we’ve roped her into another series of fun Halloween costumes ideas — this time with her sweet one-year old son, Ansel!


DIY editor Kelly Bryden and beauty editor Misty Spinney put each of these six looks together, and the insanely photogenic Morins rocked each one beautifully. Every costume on this list is super simple to put together yourself (even if you’re a busy mom with a one-year old!).

1. Curious George and The Woman in the Yellow Hat Costume


That monkey suit? COME ON. It’s too good. And we found it at thrift shop — how serendipitous is that? If you don’t happen to have the best luck ever at your local secondhand store, there are plenty of affordable monkey options on Amazon. When it comes to baby costumes, ones that require this much effort don’t really make sense to DIY unless you’ve got mad sewing skills and a fair amount of spare time.


For Brit as The Woman in the Yellow Hat, the costume is simple as can be. Find a simple yellow dress or a t-shirt and skirt or even pants and a button down if you have one, and you’re 90% done with your costume. Add a neck scarf to give the explorer vibe, a pair of booties and top the whole look off with a safari-style hat. Done and done.

2. Jurassic World, Claire and a Baby Dino Costume


Though it was completely absurd that Claire, the main female character in Jurassic World, ran around the entire movie in heels, the simplicity of her look is one we can get behind. Find a matching blazer and pencil skirt (a suit, if you will) and a pair of nude heels, and your look is complete.


But let’s talk about that dino costume. You’ll never believe it, but this was ALSO a thrift store find! We found it at Savers, and honestly couldn’t believe our luck. Like the monkey costume, you can find pretty affordable options on Amazon, but we highly recommend a thrifting trip. Most baby Halloween costumes are worn for a total of 20 minutes tops so they’re available in droves.

3. Cop and Donut Costume


The statement piece that you can’t quite see is the sprinkle-covered onesie Brit made for Ansel the night before this shoot! A little fabric paint and five minutes is all it took to whip up. So cute! To create the donut, we cut a donut shape out of cardboard, then attached fabric to the center and stuffed with batting. Use hot glue to bring the fabric around the cardboard to seal your donut. Add your icing layer with another piece of fabric. Then cut felt pieces to make your sprinkles.


For Brit’s look, start with black pants and black top. Layer a black blazer over it, ideally with gold buttons if you’ve got ‘em. Attach a sheriff pin to the blazer and find yourself a cop hat. These two pieces are easy to find at most costume stores, or on Amazon if you don’t have time for a shopping trip. Finish the whole look off with a very stern donut-loving look and you’re good to go.

4. Usher and Bucket of Popcorn Costume


I know, I know. When you first read Usher, you were thinking, “U Got It Bad.” Sadly, in today’s edition of awesome Halloween costumes, that Usher is nowhere to be found. This costume is one you’ve definitely seen on the Internet, but we had to recreate it with these two darlings. The usher look is simple — black skirt, white button down and bowtie.


For the popcorn, grab your baby carrier and a handful of safety pins. That’s right — this is totally temporary piece. Create the front of your popcorn bucket by attaching red stripes to a piece of sturdy white fabric. You can use felt for this, or ribbon. Use adhesive felt letters to add POPCORN to the pieces, then attach to your baby carrier using safety pins. For the popcorn hat, we purchased a cheap baby hat and hot glued actual popcorn right to it.

5. The Little Mermaid Ariel and Sebastian Costume


Venture under the sea with this Disney classic. I know you are going to guffaw in disbelief, but we actually found that cuddly red onesie at a thrift shop. No joke! Obviously crabs like Sebastian aren’t typically furry, but this was too cute to resist. Outfit your wee one in a red onesie, and then make a simple cotton headband with red pipe cleaners and googly eyes. So easy!


Ariel’s outfit is a little more complex. We created a mermaid skirt from scratch, layering pale purple and green fabric to create an iridescent look. You could also do the same thing on top of an existing skirt if you don’t have the time or skills to create a skirt from start to finish. Up on top, we have a metallic purple bandeau tied underneath a purple shell bikini. Top the whole thing off with a luxe red wig and you’ll be singing songs with fish in no time.

6. Queen Bey[oncé] and Blue Ivy Costume


Naturally, our grand finale is the Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé. We couldn’t resist a little word play with the whole Bee/Bey thing and the fact that our fearless leader Brit is often known as B to her closest friends. For the queen bee, get yourself a fitted yellow dress. Then belt it. Order a pair of inexpensive bee or yellow butterfly wings, and then crown yourself with a tiara fit for a… queen bee ;)


Of course, Blue Ivy is the real star here. Blue onesie? Check. Fake ivy painted blue? CHECK.

What mom and baby costumes have you seen or worn yourself? Any favorites we should know about? Talk to us in the comments below.

DIY Production: Kelly Bryden

Hair and Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photography: Chris Andre