With cold fronts and snow storms continuing to sneak their way into our forecast, it looks like that spring wardrobe won’t be making an appearance anytime in the immediate future. So since you can’t whip out the shift dress just yet, why not make the best of those chilling winter staples while you can? Rather than spending a fortune on scarves and hats why not learn something new and knit your own?

If you’re new to the whole knitting thing, don’t be afraid of the old-school craft. You can pick up the skill in as little as 70 minutes with our Knitting For Beginners E-Class


In this class taught by the awesome, dynamic and hilarious Jade Harwood, co-founder of Wool and the Gang, you’ll first learn how to choose your yarn and how to hold the needle. From there, Jade will walk you through starting a project and three basic stitches. She’ll finish the class by teaching you quick and easy fixes for common problems or mistakes. At the end, you’ll have your very own knitted snood.


But before you start casting on, it’s always a good idea to hunt around for some inspiration. From a classic beanie to fun coasters, here are 13 knitting projects you can easily tackle once you get the hang of things.


1. Chevron Baby Blanket: Is your bestie expecting? Bring something to the baby shower that she and her newborn will cherish forever. (via Dana Made It)


2. Shopper’s Bag: Knit this quick ‘n’ easy shopper’s bag for your next weekend project. It’s a great farmers’ market tote to fit all your produce and goodies. (via We Are Knitters)


3. Beehive Hat: Shake things up by ditching the classic beanie for this unique beehive design. If the pom-pom is too much, simply leave it off! (via The New Craft Society)


4. Ampersand Wall Decoration: Here’s a great example of how to use knitwear in your home in a totally non-grandma-y kind of way. (via One Sheepish Girl)


5. Soap Socks: Similar to felt covered soap, this “soap in a sock” is a great project to use for practice or to make as a fabulous, yet simple, gift. (via I Could Make That)


6. Headband: Don’t be intimidated, this stunning headwrap is actually just one long rectangle you sew together. (via Crafts Nob)


7. Bookmarks: Save your place in the sweetest way possible. If you need a simple idea to work on perfecting your stitches this is definitely it. (via Melanie Falick)


8. Traveling Cable Cap: This one is certainly the most complicated of the bunch, but still definitely doable. Save this for when you’re feeling confident in the basics and want to try out some more complicated stitches. (via Purl Bee)


9. Confetti Scarf: Using a multicolored yarn will create this fun confetti look. The more colorful the yarn, the crazier the design. (via Purl Bee)


10. Boot Cuffs: This tutorial is for crochet, but think of it as pretty much the exact same project as the headwrap — just you know, for your calves. (via Inspired Nest)


11. Baby Shoes: Itty bitty baby shoes! BRB, just dying of cuteness over here. (via The New Days)


12. Coffee Cozy: Keep those hands burn free with this adorable knitted and buttoned cozy. Add some stripes for a little extra jazz. (via Centsational Girl)


13. Knitted Coasters: Keep those coffee tables free from water stains with some adorable and simple coasters! Keep them circular to practice knitting in the round or make them square. (via Evermine)


Do we have you totally in a knitting frame of mind? Grab the Knitting For Beginners E-Class and get started. We promise both your grandma AND your bestie will be impressed.

What is your favorite thing you’ve ever knitted? Share your ideas in the comments below.