It’s time to step up your breakfast game for back to school. Getting the kids ready in the morning can be a chore in itself, and thinking about feeding them a proper meal is an added stressor. Heck, even getting yourself ready for class or work can be a challenge! Fear not, today we’ve got an easy, healthy, 3-ingredient pancake recipe that will take your breakfast game to the next level. In less than ten minutes, you can get your day started in a delicious way!


 – 1/3 cup pancake mix (I use this kind)

– 1 medium banana

– 1/3 cup almond milk



1.) Peel the banana and put it in small mixing bowl. Mash well with a fork.

2.) Add almond milk and pancake mix. Mix well.

3.) Pour batter in a non-stick pan or griddle on medium heat. Flip when the edges get slightly brown.

4.) Inhale delicious pancake smell and then indulge!


Peel the banana and put it in a small mixing bowl. Mash well with a fork.


Pour in almond milk.


Add pancake mix.


Cook your pancakes in a pan or on a grill until the edges start to brown.


This is how you do breakfast right! I love adding chocolate chips, walnuts, unsweetened coconut shreds or blueberries in the batter to make a yummy upgrade. Or substitute the banana with pumpkin puree for the fall. OH MY YUM.

What are your favorite pancakes? Let us know in the comments below!