Uh-oh — you committed to hosting Mother’s Day brunch and then somehow it slipped your mind. Cue the panic of having to scramble for the perfect menu with one day to plan… typical. Don’t sweat it! Even if you didn’t prepare your best Mother’s Day brunch make-ahead recipes, you can still create an epic spread with easily accessible ingredients and very little time. Cheer yourself up with a rainbow coffee and get ready to make your grocery list, because we have everything you need for a *perfect* last-minute Mother’s Day Brunch.


1. Buttermilk Biscuits and Country Gravy: Being a vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up the classic flavors of biscuits and gravy. If Mom is vegan, surprise her with this authentic preparation with ingredients you may already have hanging out in the fridge. (via The Simple Veganista)


2. Creamed Spinach Breakfast Bowls: Mom always made sure you ate your spinach growing up, so now you can return the favor. With just a handful of ingredients, you can make these healthy bowls and barely have to lift a finger. (via Macheesmo)

potato boats

3. Incredible Edible Egg Potato Boats: We all have that sack of potatoes in the cupboard that never seems to go anywhere. Last-minute meals are the best time to break those out. Add an egg, shredded cheese and whatever meats you have on hand, and you have a meal that totally looks like you planned ahead. (via Home and Plate)


4. Cheesy Sausage Grits Casserole: No need to go out and buy fancy stone-ground grits for this recipe — that box of instant grits you’ve been holding onto will work just fine. Plus, if you *happen* to think about brunch the day before, you can assemble this the night prior and bake the next day. (via Ready to Yumble)


5. Vegan Grilled Asparagus on “Eggy” Toast: Creamy mashed chickpeas play the vegan “eggy” roll in this toast recipe. If no one at brunch is vegan, you could easily swap out the chickpea mixture for soft scrambled eggs. (via Wallflower Kitchen)


6. Farmers’ Market Quiche: The great thing about this quiche is that you can swing by the farmers’ market and literally grab everything you need within five minutes. There’s no meandering around grocery store aisles looking for crazy artisanal ingredients. Maybe grab a bouquet of flowers on your way out to make up for your procrastination. (via Saving Room for Dessert)

riccotta eggs

7. Ricotta Chive Eggs on Toast: You don’t have to be a master chef to make a delicious Mother’s Day brunch. Whip up something simple, like these ricotta eggs on toast. Top with a sprinkling of fresh chives and ground black pepper for extra pizzazz. (via Just a Little Bite)


8. Strawberries and Cream Pancakes: Chances are, you can make these fluffy pancakes with strawberry-balsamic sauce using stuff that’s already in your kitchen. Sub in blueberries or raspberries if you wish, but strawberries and balsamic are a match made in heaven. (via The Cookie Writer)


9. Strawberry Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Think stuffed French toast meets your favorite grilled cheese sandwich. It’s sweet, it’s salty and you can make a batch in 10 minutes flat. (via The Almond Eater)

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