Oh, Ellen, let us count the ways we love thee. You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us want to be just like you. And while nobody can ever quite be as Ellen as Ellen, her new lifestyle brand sure lets you try. News broke back in summer of 2014 that the funny lady had plans to launch her own brand, but until now we have yet to see much of it.

The label, which will simply be called ED (vs the original “E.D.”), will sell fashion and home goods as well as specialized pieces just for pets. QVC sold a capsule collection of decor pieces from the line this past holiday season, but aside from the all-white ensemble Ellen sported at the People’s Choice Awards, the clothing has remained under wraps. While we’ll have to wait until mid-June to shop the line in its entirety, WWD has offered us a sneak peak at some of the looks you can expect to find. Spoiler alert: they’re just as casual-cool as you thought they’d be.


In the styled photo shoot we see a slew of outfits that have that classic Ellen charm with an added fashionista twist. You’ll find a tailored pea coat, chunky sweaters, a plaid bomber and clean button-down shirts. WWD reports the initial product categories will include a full women’s line of clothes + two tote styles and a small offering of jewelry.

We kind of want everything we’ve seen so far, but our wallets may not agree. T-shirts will start at $45 to $75 and the rest of the spring line should max out at about $400. In the fall the cashmere pieces expected to launch could sell for upward of $1,500-2,000. What!? We originally thought her upcoming brand would aim to reach the masses with Target-competitive price points. Instead it’s rent or a cozy turtleneck? Decisions, decisions.


Even though ED has yet to officially launch, the brand already has a pretty epic partnership in the works. WWD announced last week that ED will team up with GapKids for a back-to-school apparel collection set to hit stores on August 17. Now, all we need is for the brand to partake in a menswear collaboration and you’ll be able to dress your entire fam in Ellen approved outfits.

What do you hope to see in Ellen’s lifestyle line? Share with us in the comments below.