When Hannah Montana signed off in 2011 after five years and four seasons, the main character, Miley Stewart (AKA Hannah Montana), shared a sweet hug with her bestie, Lilly Truscott, to end the show. In the series’ final moments, Miley told her BFF, “I love you so much,” and Lilly answered with a very Hans Solo-esque, “I know.”

The scripted ending, however, was apparently a little different.

Emily Osment, who played Lilly Truscott, shared a bit of trivia about the finale when a fan posted a video of the last scene and took note of the final two words, “I know.”

Apparently, Miley Cyrus’ character was supposed to have the last line — until Osment piped in. “I ad libbed that so I could have the last line of the whole series 😏🤙🏼,” the Young & Hungry actress replied to the fan who tweeted the video. Her improvisation seems to have worked in her favor — the line wasn’t cut and now Osment’s parting words will be a part of Disney Channel history forever and ever.

Osment’s tweet appears to have renewed fans’ interest in a reunion or a reboot, but considering Cyrus’s feelings about her Hannah Montana days, we can’t say it’s likely to happen anytime soon. We can, however, enjoy these nostalgic moments whenever they happen to pop up.

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(Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)