Hello, moms of the world! We get that for you guys, life is not always easy. There’s a lot of pressure on moms to volunteer in 80 PTA programs, to make your home beautiful and orderly and to plan family weekend trips. It gets overwhelming; we know. We’re here to say that you don’t have to do everything perfectly to be a good mom. As important as it is to have your kids experience fun adventures, it’s also important to teach your kids to recognize and enjoy the little things in life.

Taking time to enjoy life’s little pleasures allows people to slow down and think about everything they’re grateful for and remember what’s important. That’s why today, we teamed up with McDonald’s to compile a list of ways you can enjoy the little things with your kids.


1. Have a movie night. Movie nights are one of the easiest ways to hang out as a family. Bring all your floor pillows, blankets and snacks into the living room and turn on a movie everyone will love. This can easily begin a family tradition, where you and your kids cuddle up to watch a movie every Sunday night. To give your movie nights some extra magical flair, DIY these mermaid tail blankets!


2. Share meals together. This one is something you and your kids might already do on the reg, but sharing food together is seriously one of the greatest joys in life. If mealtime is already family time, that’s awesome! Make the most out of your dinner conversations by unplugging everyone’s phones to actually focus on each other and the food. (Learn more tips on perfecting dinner convos here.) Dinnertime doesn’t have to be a formal affair though. Keep things simple by picking up a McDonald’s Happy Meal®. For a limited time, each Happy Meal® comes with a Cutie® for your kids to enjoy.


3. Write happy notes outside with chalk. Next time you and your kids play outside, give them a handful of chalk to draw and write on the sidewalk. Encourage them to write positive notes for other people to read as they walk by. You just might make someone’s day. :)


4. Read books together. Even though reading is a silent, individual activity, for some reason, it’s really nice to read in a room with other readers. Spend a Saturday afternoon reading with your kids, either reading to your kids or with each member of the family immersed in their own book. If you or your kids don’t feel like reading, plop down with some coloring pages instead! The point is that everyone is together. :)


5. Pick wildflowers for your table. Picking wildflowers requires going out and taking a nature walk, which is another way to enjoy the little things in life, like fresh air and the shade from a tree. Next time you take your kids out on a walk, pluck a few flower stems to take home to add a little bit of freshness to your dining table.


6. Feel sand between your toes. As soon as the weather gets warmer, take a trip to the beach! When you go, take some time to dig your feet into the sand with your kids to feel the warm grains against your skin. Remember to pack sunscreen!


7. Go backyard camping. As a busy mom, you might not have time to plan a full-out camping weekend. The good news is, you don’t have to! Set up a little tent for your family right in your own backyard so your kids feel like they’re going on a little adventure, even if just outside your home.


8. Volunteer at an animal shelter. If you don’t have a pet, or even if you do, take your kids to volunteer at the local animal shelter for a weekend. One of life’s greatest pleasures is petting a furry animal, and how great would it be to do that with your kids?


9. Play games together. These days, kids get to be entertained by all sorts of games, and there’s no reason why the whole family shouldn’t join in. Spend a Friday night playing games, whether you’re playing classic board games or a video game that allows multiple players. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition, amiright?


Me: Family, I love you.

Family: We know. (And we love you too.)

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Author: Irene Lee

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s.