Coco Chanel once said, 鈥淎 woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.鈥 Preach, Coco. One woman in preparation for her pending nuptials got an extreme hair makeover at Avantgarde Salon.Spa in Florida, and believe us when we say this is truly amazing hair magic.

Holly, a gate security guard in Destin, Florida, visited the salon last month sporting a wild mane of waist-length hair. She said that she had kept her hair long because her father had once told her, 鈥渁 woman must have long hair or she wouldn鈥檛 be pretty without it.鈥 But with her wedding coming up this fall, Holly was ready to say goodbye to her excess hair.

Sara Pestella, a hairstylist at Avantgarde Salon.Spa in Destin, Florida, teamed up with fellow follicle artist Jeremy Hartfield to completely change her look. And boy, did they deliver! Check out the transformation below.

First, Hartfield cut the blonde out of Holly鈥檚 hair, and then Pestella went in with a gorgeous warm blonde dye, later adding some depth to her roots. The timetable for this process? Seven hours. Pestella said, 鈥淣o kidding, this transformation was indeed overnight.鈥 The team even did Holly鈥檚 makeup and gave her a full style makeover.

And how does Holly feel about it? According to Pestella, 鈥淸She] feels beautiful in her own skin [now].鈥 She does look like she鈥檚 glowing. It probably helps that she got a free year of salon services out of the deal.

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(h/t Allure; photos via Sara Pestella/Instagram)