The list of 2018鈥檚 expectant celeb parents just got a little longer! Erika Christensen announced in a series of Instagram posts this week that she鈥檚 expecting baby number two with husband Cole Maness.

The 10 Days In the Valley star first posted two photos of herself in a red jumpsuit, one from the front and the second from the side, where she revealed and cradled her newly visible baby bump. 鈥淎ll about the angle,鈥 she joked. She didn鈥檛 clearly state in the caption that she was expecting, but moments later, her Instagram story confirmed the news.

First, Christensen reposted her baby bump pic, and added a caption that said, 鈥(And I didn鈥檛 just eat a burrito.)鈥 Next, she shared a photo of her 2-year-old daughter Shane, urging viewers to look at the little one鈥檚 T-shirt. The toddler proudly wore a pink tee that said 鈥渂ig sister.鈥

Just a few weeks ago, the Parenthood actress opened up about how emotional motherhood has been for her in a Mother鈥檚 Day post. 鈥淭oday I definitely focused on my gratitude for my mom, who did and does so much to teach me not THAT the seemingly impossible is possible, but HOW,鈥 she wrote on an intimate throwback pic of her breastfeeding a newborn Shane.

鈥淎nd now a moment of gratitude to my girl for swooping in and bringing her infectious joy and curiosity into our family, and for helping me learn how to be a mama. Happy Mother鈥檚 Day to all the teachers and the lovers and leaders who are helping wear that mother hat whether they even realize it or not.鈥

Congrats to the growing family!

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(photo via Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)