When it comes to beauty products, there’s nothing we love more than finding a brand full of great formulas and smartly chosen ingredients. That’s why Etsy has become one of our favorite places for finding new beauty products. Typically handmade in small batches, many of the beauty brands you can find on the site are creatively produced, providing you with some truly unique concoctions. We’ve compiled just a few of our favorite brands, both big and small, that started and continue to thrive on Etsy.


1. Phoenix Botanicals: Containing everything from skincare to unique and creative fragrances, the products of Phoenix Botanicals were all created and handmade by founder Irina Adams. The line’s botanical perfumes are not only made up of natural ingredients, but are also formulated so uniquely, wearers can rest assured they won’t be wearing the same scent as everyone else. We adore their Night Bloom perfume, which features notes of neroli, rose and myrrh.


2. French Girl Organics: A family-run business, this beauty brand is completely free of toxic chemicals. Consisting of a variety of skincare, haircare and makeup products, it has a little something for everyone. We can’t get enough of their bestselling organic Lip Tint, available in several gorgeous shades that can be used for both your lips and cheeks!

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3. Captain Blankenship: Created in the heart of the Hudson Valley, New York, Captain Blankenship consists of various hair, body and skincare products that are carefully handmade and crafted in beautiful blue glass bottles. Their bestselling Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray is made with Pacific sea salt and organic aloe vera to give you the tousled beach waves you’ve been dreaming about.


4. Camp Skincare: Hailing from Toronto, Camp Skincare is a line of all-natural beauty products handmade in small batches straight from the creator. The brand embraces minimalism, which is evidenced in both their line’s packaging as well as in their straightforward, no-nonsense formulas.


5. Herbivore Botanicals: Founded in 2011 by couple Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow, this line started out on Etsy and has expanded tremendously in recent years. With stunning, high-quality formulas, this body and skincare brand is constantly debuting innovative creations made with superb ingredients.


6. Ravenscourt Apothecary: Inspired by both literature and the “rich simplicity of nature,” founder Tanya Kuznetsova handcrafts each and every product from her home in England. That brand includes unique finds such as fragrances inspired by teas and classic books, as well as soaps made of gunpowder green tea. Her products are truly unlike anything else you’ll find, and they’re all available in her Etsy shop.


7. Elucx: With handmade products crafted from the founder’s home in Quebec, Elucx (standing for Eco & Luxury) is filled with everything from beautiful facial masks to relaxing bath salts. The entire line is made of sustainable and organic materials and every ingredient is carefully chosen so it can be used on even the most sensitive of skin.

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8. Borne Cosmetics: There’s no need to run to your local Sephora to pick up a foundation or concealer — Borne Cosmetics carries gorgeous and effective makeup for everyone, at a fraction of what you’d likely pay at Sephora. This line has gained quite the cult following for its clean and effective formulas, which give you added skincare benefits included with each makeup product.


9. Olivine Atelier: This beautiful fragrance brand has been featured in major magazines, including Vogue, for its fun formulas and stunning packaging. With scented lotions, perfume oils and even a beach mist for your hair and body, these gorgeous scents can be loved by all. We personally can’t get enough of their Love + Salt Beach Mist, which smells like summer in a bottle with notes of black coconut, ocean salt and tonka beans.


10. Plum Valley Notions: With makeup and body care products that are handcrafted out of the founder’s very own home, this Etsy shop offers a stunning line of beauty essentials. Reasonably priced goods made with the finest ingredients? Yep, you can bet our shopping cart is full!


11. Yoshimomo: Currently undergoing a bit of a re-branding, this line of skincare and body care products is a bestselling beauty favorite on Etsy. Made in bustling New York City, each formula is packed full of super ingredients that will have your skin glowing in no time. We’re eager to see what this wonderful shop will come up with next!


12. Herb and Root: Each item from this line is carefully made in Austin, TX by creator Julia Kahlig-Garuba. The line is made up of everything from a facial polish to body oil, with all-natural ingredients and wonderfully affordable pricing. It’s truly a gem of a line that we’re ecstatic to have uncovered!

What’s your favorite beauty find from Etsy? Let us know in the comments below!