Shopping shouldn’t be a pain anymore and this Saturday’s roundup of the best apps of the week proves that a couple key downloads can make it a lot less so. Just last weekend I was all over San Francisco and the world wide web looking for a comforter cover that didn’t suck. (It all finally came to me in a vision of Etsy perfection — check out this maker’s beautiful shop I uncovered late on Sunday night!) If only I had downloaded one of the apps in this list last week, I could have texted my way to sweet new bedding dreams instead of Googling “indie pretty duvet covers” to exhaustion. See what else is on the list to make your life easier, from shopping to status updating to feeding Fido.


1. Everlane: The Brit + Co editorial team has a major crush on Everlane, the SF-based style startup serving up elevated basics with a back story (who made them, in what factory, what each piece cost to produce). With your most stylish coworkers contstantly gushing over something, you finally break and the co’s newly launched app was the perfect excuse for me to give Everlane another look. Browse and buy their simple, beautiful pieces and keep scrolling past the “add to bag” button to get the story on each one. The feature that makes this more than just another shopping app is the “Dress for Today” section that shares the weather and what to wear for SFers. And, y’all. That is some helpful info in our fair, flakey-forecasted city.

DL It: Free on iOS


2. DogSync: Remember how mom and/or dad wouldn’t let you get a dog and always parroted the same excuse about the daunting responsibilities of feeding and walking it? Mom/dads of the future-present can hold the whole family accountable with DogSync, an app you all can download to track who fed Fido and when he went to the bathroom. A task/ask function even allows you to assign duties to slackers.

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3. Kaboom: Turn every social network and messaging app on your smartphone into Snapchat with this download that lets you set a self destructing timer on everything from texts to Facebook statuses. No word yet on whether or not an upcoming feature would let you take back those late night right swipes but that’s not a bad idea.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


4. Scratch: The new “Tinder of” tech hype this year has been the text and ye shall receive model — Magic, Unload, Alfred. Scratch brings that “get what you want in the easiest way possible” idea to personal smartphone shopping with an app and a website that will do the digging for you when you send a detailed request of what you’re in the market for. The point is to make hunting down the perfect fill in the blank (bridesmaid gift, duvet cover, um, sandals for yourself) easy. I’m giving it a test drive this weekend to see if they have any better luck helping me replace my go-to sandals (really gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff goldies I #gotonsale). Give it a shot in its early stages online or on your smartphone.

DL It: Free on iOS


5. Pat Pat: Another family-friendly download rounds out our best apps of the week with a daily deal app for moms (and dads, it’s 2015) that hosts up to 20 events each day with discounts on toys, clothing, baby essentials and other accessories for mom + baby. Sorry in advance to all of our credit cards :-X

DL It: Free on Android and iOS

What was your favorite recent download this week? Share below!