You’re probably in the midst of spring cleaning (hopefully) and have started at least a handful of donate/sell/throw away boxes for every room. Actually going through with the task of finding and getting to donation dropoffs nad recycling centers, and figuring out which outlets are best to sell your goods, can be a whole other story. For those of us who don’t have the patience (hi) or the time to dedicate to narrowing down that list of options, there’s a new phone number you need to add to your contact list along with Magic and Alfred. Start texting ASAP to help you unload everything you no longer want taking up space in your heart or home. Sorry, tired-looking futon, that means you.

unload text

Unload is a recently launched text-based service, currently available for all you anti-hoarders in San Francisco and Chicago, that allows anyone to text 424-373-3353 and chat with an assistant to get rid of anything — from last season’s must-have heels to that crop top you only ever wore to that one music fest. Simply send a snap of those no-longer-loved items anytime you feel like it and an assistant will be there to work with you on selling, donating or recycling what you don’t want. Based on your photos, these pros quickly appraise each item you send their way and then provide an estimate for what you could make off of them through marketplaces like Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and more without having to upload a shot, its description and an asking price on each outlet individually. Talk about a time/lifesaver <3

unload text

Once you agree on a selling price, or a place to donate everything, you can have them picked up from a designated spot or drop ’em off at an agreed-upon location. After your items are on their way + sold you get paid via PayPal, Square Cash or Venmo within 48 hours after the buyer receives the goods that were once yours. The assistant is compensated for their work with 5% of the sale proceeds or service fees.

BRB, sending 50+ snaps Unload‘s way. Clutter + hassle be gone!

Will you be texting 424-373-3353 to unload all the stuff you no longer want? Let us know in the comments.