Imagine if you could just text someone to do your chores, and blammo: your chores would be done. Now quit imagining and just do it with Alfred. Alfred is kind of like TaskRabbit for all of the things thanks to an errand-running, grocery-stocking pro who will handle everything you’re too busy to do.


The service starts at $25 per week, and to get started, firstly, you’ll need to request an invite. Once that arrives, you’ll take a survey so Alfred can learn your preferences for all things in life — such as, do you like smooth or chunky peanut butter? And which way do you like the roll of toilet paper hung? From there, the app will play matchmaker and pair you with your Alfred. You can either meet the person who is going to be your Alfred, or if you like to pretend that these things just magically get done, then you can figure out a key drop off situation.


Alfred was started by two women who were tired of spending their nights and weekends trying to escape from their day jobs, only to take on the jobs of daily life. They believe that extra help shouldn’t cost half of your paycheck. They created Alfred to be a seamless service, meaning you can program what you need done far before you need it, so you can always #ComeHomeHappy.


Right now Alfred is only available in NYC and Boston, but they’re looking to expand soon. Stay up to date by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s the chore that takes the most of your time? Let us know in the comments!