So it’s spring and all, but the truth of the matter is half of the country is still freezing its rear off. If you’re in that not-so-balmy boat, we’ve got something soft and fuzzy for you. Wearing real fur is beyond archaic, but you can still get the luxe look. Faux fur is a stylish and kinder alternative. Whether you’re looking for a new coat, coverup or just a little accent, we’ve got 15 ways to rock the trend. The best part about it? No animals were harmed in the writing of this post!

1. Fur Clutch Bag ($30): Depending on how daring you are, this orange-fur clutch could and would rock any party it would be invited to.

2. Mid Length Vest ($43): Pair this vest with leggings or a short dress and boots for a comfy glam look.

3. iPad Case ($10): Naturally, your tech needs to look as luxe as you do, so check out this gorgeous iPad case from Restoration Hardware. It comes in six different colors and is sure to keep your accessories warm and chic.

4. Wideband Earmuff ($30): Ear muffs may not be cool anymore, but what about a pretty band that just happens to have fur around the ears?

5. White Russian ($90): Channel your inner Anna Karenina and go all out with a chic white fur coat that will make you feel like a Russian princess.

6. Ombre Blanket ($50): A fur blanket adds instant allure to any piece of furniture that you drape it over, and this ombre fur blanket will ensure you will never want to get out of that cozy nook.

7. Fur Beret ($133): This beret is tres chic and will be the perfect accessory to top off your brunching outfit.

8. Babushka Stole ($70): A coverup so soft, you’ll swear it is real — this edgy stole with leather details will have you rocking all season long.

9. Technicolor Vegan Fur Coat ($100): Browns and creams too neutral for your closet? Check out this show-stopping faux fur coat with deep jewel tones of red, blue and plum.

10. Baby Hooded Jacket ($30): Is there anything more adorable than a baby dressed up like a furry teddy bear? We don’t think so.

11. Infinity Scarf ($35): This silvery gray faux fur is incredibly soft and can go dressy or casual, depending on the outfit.

12. Faux Fur Pillows ($40): These shaggy chic pillowcases are perfect for adding elegance to a bedroom or living room, and when spring actually does come, you can just take off the fur cover and replace it with florals!

13. Fur Collar ($20): Rather than purchasing a fur coat, why not just buy a luxurious fur collar and vamp up a coat you already own?

14. Fur Footstools ($200): If you’re looking for a statement piece of furniture, look no further than these pouffy footstools. They come in three different colors — black, brown and white!

15. Trapper Hat ($63): Proof that style doesn’t always have to equal discomfort, you’ll be comfy and voguish in this black trapper hat.

Do any of these faux fur accessories leave you feeling warm and fuzzy? Let us know in the comments below!