It’s no secret that we’re fans of the beanie. But let’s be real: Hiding a good hair day is borderline criminal. We’ve got the solution for keeping those sound satellites warm while showcasing your kickass coif. Hat’s off to the ear muff!

1. Leia Ear Muff ($55): As much as you’d love to style your hair in Star Wars fashion on a daily basis, sometimes you just can’t commit to a bun duet all day. For you, removable Princess inspiration that doubles as an aural cozy.

2. Free People Nico Ear Muff ($30): There is just way too much hippie hipsterness going on here. And we love every element of it.

3. Pom Poms ($31): The description states that these will make you “a star on the streets.” We tend to agree: Poms are the bomb.

4. Heart with Faux Fur ( $22): This is a goodie we found in the girls’ department, and we’re just going to go ahead and steal it from the younger set.

5. Powder Pink Wearable Art ($28): Holy hugely awesome girliness. We’re always down for oversized anything and everything.

6. Nordic-Inspired Knit ($30): Scandinavians know a thing or two when it comes to making a cozy winter design. Need proof? Ladies and gentleman, may we submit Exhibit A.

7. Woolrich Mad Plaid ($14): From a 23-year-old year old fashionista to an 81-year-old ice fisherman, these kickback classics translate into awesomeness no matter who’s wearing them.

8. Free People Wideband ($30): Simply, yes please.

9. Sleigh Bell Grey Snowflake ($30): Do you ear what we ear? When you put these little lovelies on, you hear the tinkling of sleigh bells. (We may or may not have just made that up.)

10. Softie At Heart ($20): You know what would really turn heads while you execute a perfect triple axel on the ice? These lavender warm fuzzies.

11. Mustard Merino Wool ($47): Can we all just agree that goldenrod is the official color of winter 2013/14?

12. Heart Warming ($25): You can hardly go wrong with hearts… although we would be curious what these would look like with a little glitter or sequin.

13. Orinoco Flower ($20): Wearing your favorite Norwegian sweater? Great. We’ve found the perfect accessory for them. And now so have you.

14. Classic Vintage Bow ($11): It doesn’t get more luxurious than this –– angora and lambswool adorned with black pearl beads. No wonder they’re all wrapped up in a bow.

15. Woodland Toadstool ($30): Calling all Mario Bros. fangirls, Alice In Wonderland junkies, and those of you who just like a good fungi when you see one –– these ‘shrooms need to be a part of your life.

16. Owl Knit ($27): Whoooo, whooo, who wants to wrap these headphones muffs around their noggins? We don’t know about you, but we’re owl over them. (We’ll stop now.)

17. Geek Chic ($62): Of course Kate Spade would come up with an adorable way to warm your ears while you listen to your tunes. Does she ever disappoint? No, no she does not.

18. Toscana Shearling ($118): Hand-cut and hand-sewn from the wool of a lamb that was once only found in Toscana –– have discerning taste? We’ve found your ear muffs.

19. Intarsia ($45): Baby, it’s cold outside. But Jack Frost will hardly be able to nip at you when you’re sporting these snowflake-motif beauts.

20. Plush Leo Leopard ($10): We are going on a frozen tundra safari. Care to wrap yourself in faux fur and join? BrrrRoar!

Let us know what head topper you prefer in the comments section below!