While we love the art of a well-arranged bouquet, vase, or jar of flowers, sometimes your wedding, birthday party, or dinner party calls for something that’ll last just a big longer… like, forever. For those occasions and more, it’s time you familiarize yourself with the art of the fauxquet.

1. Giant Paper Flowers: These gigantic flowers make us think of Alice in Wonderland, Candyland, and Katy Perry all at the same time. They were created like one creates a regular paper flower, but super size. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

2. “Dried” Paper Flower Bouquet: For a less poppy more rustic look, we’re digging the ruffles and waves on these “dried” paper flowers. The way to get that paper looking crinkly? Spray it with water! Who knew that fauxquets required water, too? (via United with Love)

3. Ranunculus Paper Flower Bouquet ($270): Oh ranunculus, how we swoon over all those layers and colors! This Etsy seller’s got a whole shop of this celebrated flower… made from paper!

4. Pom Pom Bouquet: We love the bright colors in this Valentine’s Day arrangement made from branches and pom poms. (via Camille Styles)

5. Colorful Paper with Vintage Stems: The bride created this bouquet after finding vintage fake flower stems! We love the bright colors and details in each flower. (via Style Me Pretty)

6. Burlap, Pearls, and Paper: We desperately wish we could find the original source for this photo. Please share it in the comments below if you know where its from. (via Pinterest)

7. Dusty Pink Bouquet ($54): Available for sale over on Etsy, this dusty bouquet looks so romantic, almost vintage. Don’t be surprised if you see something like this for sale at Anthropologie or BHLDN soon.

8. Silk Flower Bouquet: See? Silk flowers don’t always have to be ridiculously cheesy. This arrangement looks beautiful enough for any blushing bride. (via Wedding Chicks)

9. Felt Bouquet: We love all the layers in this DIY bouquet, and the colors would be great for a late summer or early autumn wedding. (via Landlocked Bride)

10. Rustic Fabric Bouquet: Scraps of silk, ribbon, and linen make up the blossoms of this DIY bouquet. We love the muted tones and rustic aesthetic. (via Pinterest)

11. Brooch Bouquet: While we can’t say we’re totally sold on the trend of brooch bouquets, we’d be remiss not to include one in this ode to the fauxquet. Flea market for the win! (via Fancy Pants Weddings)

12. Bunchy Bunch of Flowers: The more mini fabric flowers the merrier! Bunch ’em all up for a table arrangement or bouquet. (via The Inspired Bride)

13. Bold Fabric: Sometimes you just need a few simple curls and ruffles in the fabric to create a dreamy vibe. (via My Wedding)

14. Map and Book Flowers: Instead of colorful paper, why not repurpose magazines, newspaper, maps, and old books? (via Rock N’ Roll Bride)

15. Pine Cone Bouquet: Last, we’ve got the bouquet from Brit + Co. founder Brit Morin’s wedding! It was made using mini pine cones, natural cedar roses, and all sorts of other goodness. (via Brit + Co.)

What do you think of the fauxquet trend? Would you carry one at your wedding? Would you try to catch one at a friend’s wedding? ;)