While protesters in North Dakota gather to protect the area’s water against the Dakota Access Pipeline and celebs like Shailene Woodley are arrested for offering their support, various tactics are being used to help those who are at the center of the conflict and keep them safe. That’s why folks are taking to Facebook to help the #StandingRock protests.

Though the protests have been peaceful (including prayer circles and traditional dancing), there is plenty of criticism over the brute force used in the police response. Accusations of seemingly unnecessary violence have been used against the unarmed protesters, prompting many to object to the authorities’ actions during the ongoing sitch.

The now-thousands of people involved in the protests believe that the local Morton County Sheriff’s Department are monitoring Facebook check-ins to estimate the number of protesters and pin-point who might exactly be there, and those who support the movement have found a way to throw off the police.

With no exact clues as to where the idea first came from, those who are far from North Dakota but who want to help out are being asked to check in on Facebook and incorrectly identify their location as, yep, Standing Rock. This way, anyone trying to use Facebook to see what’s up with the protests is getting skewed info.

Though some are saying the Facebook endeavor is merely a hoax, it looks like others are jumping on board.

This is definitely an interesting example of how new technology and online-connected communities are changing the face of protests and action.

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(h/t Vice)