We brought you pretty pastel hair inspiration and amazing purple lock looks, but get ready for this. Today, we’re presenting you with 24 stunning, extremely colorful hairstyles that will make you a rainbow-haired junkie. From blue to teal to pink to yellow, these looks will make you go ga-ga for ROYGBIV locks!

1. Kylie Jenner: The Jenner sisters are two young stars who we can’t (and won’t) take our eyes off of! They have amazing style and aren’t afraid to take risks. Kylie makes a bold statement with her turquoise dip-dye and we can’t get enough! (via Glamour Magazine)

2. Strawberry Hair: Afraid to rock the Little Mermaid bright red? Guilty, So are we. Instead try a more subtle strawberry hue. (via Buzzfeed)

3. Blue Stripes: Every pixie cut should be accompanied with some bright color ;) (via Pinterest)

4. Rainbow Hues: Those who love color, put every color in their hair. (via theBERRY)

5. Pink Ends: Test out some bold color by first just dipping your ends. This is a fun way to experiment without committing fully. (via theBERRY)

6. Willow Smith: There is no doubt in our mind that Willow knows a thing or two about hair. We love her bold pink buzz cut. (via Glamour Magazine)

7. Rasta Hair: Get festival ready with some bright hues. Bold, bright and beautiful. (via We Love It)

8. All Over Teal: Swooning over this ‘do. The combination of lights and darks is amazing and that flower crown? SWOON. (via Pinterest)

9. Ke$ha: This pastel hair coloring turns kooky Ke$ha into an innocent mermaid. (via US Magazine)

10. Short and Colorful: We are pretty sure that our My Little Ponies had tails just like this hair, and that’s why we love it. (via Pinterest)

11. Green Stripe: Go bold by adding a thick stripe of color in the front of your hair. Green can come off tacky, but this is green done right, especially with this gal’s naturally red locks. (via Pinterest)

12. Color Spectrum: Hold up. This hair color is AH-MAZ-ING. Fading from a vibrant purple to a neutral base, then to a natural brown, this is the most unique twist on an ombre that we’ve ever seen. (via Pinterest)

13. Soft Rainbow: Natural blonde is a perfect base for color. Your hair will take to the dye and produce a brilliant prism. (via @uggoff)

14. Katy Perry: Our true colorful hair goddess and inspiration. Katy went Nickelodeon slime green, and we don’t hate it! (via Sugarscape)

15. Short Sherbert: This hair color just screams strawberry lemonade! Yellow is an unusual hue to see in coloring, but this is done perfectly! (via Modern Salon)

16. Turquoise Curls: If you are blessed with crazy curly hair then you MUST add a splash of color to your ‘do. How rad does this turquoise look in dark hair?! (via Buzzfeed)

17. Blue Green Ombre: Now I’m biased to purple, but this bright blue with pops of green is giving purple a run for its money. The placement of bright green is exceptional! (via Pinterest)

18. Turquoise Beard: Bright bold colors are not just for women, men you can rock them, too! How amazing is this turquoise hair and beard combo? (via Trend Hunter)

19. Fishtail Braid: One of the best hairstyles to wear while rockin’ colorful hair is the fishtail braid. The weaving of this braid allows all your colors to shine. (via Pinterest)

20. Cotton Candy: Check out this amazing blend of pinks, corals, blues and purples. Some colors could mix together and give circus clown results, however this set gives you a different part of the circus. The sweeter part — you know, the cotton candy :) (via Fashion Inspiration)

21. Teal Ombre: Perfect for summer and spending time at the beach. That’s all we can say. (via Eff Yeah Ombre Hair)

22. Purple and Green: Got a bestie? Dye your hair together! If purple is your jam take a look at our purple hair roundup for inspiration. (via Purple Hair Appreciation)

23. Pink Ombre: Maybe it’s the ivy crown, maybe it’s the pink ombre, but we’re in love. (via Color-ful Hair)

24. All Over Vibrant: Of course, we saved the most vibrant for last! Can you count the colors? There are probably over 15 different shades and hues. What!! Definitely steals my color-haired heart. (via Hairstyles and Makeup)

Now that we’ve showed you 50+ colorful hair styles are you hooked? What color would you mix in with your natural hair? Tell us in the comments below!