Just when you thought the safest style risk you could take was dying your hair a dreamy shade of lilac, Rita Ora ushered in what might be the next big thing for girls wanting to go bold with their beauty look. Stepping out at Berlin Fashion Week, she tossed aside the all-over color for a statement-making dip dye. But Rita didn’t just settle on any old two-tone ‘do, she took the look to the next level with a technicolor fade from tangerine to purple through pops of green and blue. And now, her My Little Pony-inspired hair has US reaching for more shades of Manic Panic than we ever imagined we’d want beyond the 12th grade.

Now with Lisa Frank binders as our main source of hair color inspo (2014 is the new 1994??), we’re on the hunt for rainbow hairstyles to rock. And even though this fantasy mane may only actually exist as a technicolored to-do on our Pinterest page, we still can’t help but obsess over Rita + these 9 more radical dip dyes, highlights and ROYGBIV-approved ‘dos.

1. Rainbow Dyed Tips: Even only a few inches of bright purple and blue make a major hairstyle statement, especially when the colors alternate from strand to strand. (via Flickr)

2. Sunset Hair: Blazing hues of orange and pink at the roots fade down into warmer blues — just like a sunset. And it too is picture perfect. (via Fanshare)

3. Purple to Green: Could you even imagine rocking this quad-toned hair all summer long? It’s mermaid-inspired beauty at its best. (via The Meta Picture)

4. Icy Blues: When Nicole Ritchie ditched her signature lavender locks for a bluer ‘do, we started to pay closer attention to all-things blue hair. Aside from Nikki’s right-on shade, this model wins our vote for best icy mane. (via VP Fashion)

5. Mermaid Highlights: Our very own Kelly Bryden is rocking ocean-hued highlights thanks to our in-house beauty expert Misty Spinney, and we have to say, she’s totally giving Rita Ora a run for her money ;) (via Brit + Co)

6. Purple to Pink: Can this fade from purple to hot pink BE any dreamier? We bet this subtle fade would look so chic twisted into a crown braid, too! (via Pretty Designs)

7. Rainbow Braid: This might be the prettiest way to wear your rainbow hair. We’re obsessed with this masterfully segmented braid that merges each completely different color. (via Buzznet)

8. Pink and Blue: Who says you can’t mix blue and pink in the same hairstyle? THIS is the way to do it — with cotton candy hues that just barely blend. (via Polyvore)

9. Blue to Pink Dip: If you do choose to DIY a dipped ‘do, be sure to choose colors that blend spectacularly. This hot hot pink and denim blue mix the most gorg purple hue. (via Pretty Designs)

So are you over the rainbow about these technicolored looks? What’s the coolest color you’ve ever had in your hair? Tell us in the comments below.