If overseas travel is on your wish list for this year, you’re in luck. KAYAK is predicting some of the cheapest flight prices they’ve seen in three years to popular European cities. We caught up with their resident travel expert and Vice President of North American Marketing, David Solomito, to get the deets on why, and what spots you can expect to save on in the coming months.

Typically, the most coveted Euro getaways (think Paris or Rome) tend to cost the big bucks. But this summer, flights to these places will drop by about 15 percent, bringing their total round-trip fares to under $700. Some of these places include tourist hot spots like Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris, and Rome. While others with less foot traffic, like Reykjavik, London, and Dublin, are also on the list.

Solomito largely credits these decreased prices to an influx of flights. The affordable carrier, Norwegian Airlines, recently added 25 US to Europe routes in 2017. Additionally, its bigger competitor, United, debuted a new Reykjavik flight for the new year. Delta also announced new stops in Lisbon, Paris, and Amsterdam from major airports like Atlanta, Detroit, and Indianapolis.

This extra availability is giving passengers more opportunities to get their favorite over-the-pond places, and lowering costs in the process. But it comes with a small caveat that not ALL cities are experiencing record low fares. For instance, Prague is showing a 26 percent increase in fees, compared to last summer. While the US dollar is still strong enough to keep these deals going for a while longer, be sure to do your research before dusting off the passport and booking plans, starting with this list below.

KAYAK’s affordable city predictions:

1. Paris

2. Lisbon

3. Dublin

4. London

5. Reykjavik

6. Rome

7. Amsterdam

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