Tattoos have been around for a *legit* long time (we’re talking like 52,000 years here, people) — and it’s really no surprise why. Whether it’s to declare true love or simply to stay trendy, body art has persisted as a fave form of personal style for centuries. And today is no different. From minimalist line tattoos to Disney finger tattoos to those that imitate watercolor paintings, 2016 has been the year of ink. As the year comes to a close, the newest trend to take over our tats is here, and we’re loving it. Welcome, the itty bitty ear tattoo! What better way to celebrate the season than with a little pop of flowery color tucked in your ear?! Whether you’re inked from head to toe, totally sans tats or somewhere in between, we can all agree that this ear art trend is totally adorbs.

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1. Pierce Me: This combo helix diamond stud piercing through the pistil of the flower tattoo is absolute goals. You could also rock a small floral tattoo on the lobe of your ear and pair it with basically any earrings!

2. The Secret Garden: Tuck away a hibiscus, a daisy or even a sunflower in your ear to achieve this delicate and pretty effect. Heavy black outlines help draw attention without going overboard.

3. Leaves: We LOVE this delicate leafy vine tattoo and how it perfectly follows the contour of her ear. Add a little ombre effect via subtle shades of yellow and green.

4. Daisy Chain: Go small and simple with a dainty little flower. Fill with your favorite color to create a new bloom of your choosing.

5. Two Blooms: This double flower tattoo and piercing combo is so cute! We love the simple black outline and neutral coloring for a minimalist take on this Insta-trend. Simplicity FTW.

6. Roses Are Red: This rose tattoo is both classic and modern. The blush-colored ink makes for a boardroom-friendly style that will fly under the radar.

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7. Moonlit Bloom: This simple black tattoo is beautifully rendered. Add a delicate detail in the background to create a simple scene — a crescent moon, a tiny sun or twinkling stars will do the trick.

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