From watercolor tattoos to galaxy tattoos that are truly out of this world, thereโ€™s no denying that when it comes to getting inked, weโ€™re all a little obsessed. And whether itโ€™s your first real tat or youโ€™re polishing off a full sleeve, adding permanent body art is *always* a big decision. So while youโ€™re tentatively scouring the net for some elaborate tats, why not also keep something sleek and minimalist in mind? Enter the sheer simplicity of the line tattoo (aka a tattoo consisting of just one line, duh!), proving that sometimes less can be so much more. Scroll on for these 12 modern line tattoos, and find your next ink that pretty much goes with everything.

1. Pulse: Dance to the beat of your own heart. Mark your pulse with this super sweet heartbeat tattoo and never cease to find your own natural rhythm. (via tattooist_of)

2. State Love: Not gonna lie, weโ€™re well aware this is actually a two-line tattoo. Show your old (and new) state love with this clean and simple home state design. (via @luckysnoho)

3. Star: Bring things back to basics with this tiny star tattoo. This tat reminds us of our lazy school days, gazing out the window and scribbling simple little stars in our composition notebooks. (via yktattoo1)

4. Cactus: Show off your prickly side! Wear your line tat on trend with this desert-inspired cactus tattoo. (via @tattooist_noa)

5. Saturn: Even if youโ€™re not rocking a galaxy tattoo, you can sport a tat thatโ€™s out of this world. Bring on the interstellar vibes with this double-ringed planet tattoo. (via @yktattoo1)

6. Kissing: Get a little abstract with your next romantic tat. This one-line work of art is great for rocking a steamy inkโ€ฆ on the DL. (via @ilwolhongdam)

7. Bracelet: For jewelry thatโ€™ll never go out of style, rock this super delicate permanent bracelet. This tat is also a perfect way to mark your bestie love with a friendship bracelet that will truly last forever. (via @pmacdonaldtattoo)

8. Florals: This is a look that stays sweet 24/7. Capture the essence of spring with these dainty floral line tats that are as romantic as hand-picked wildflowers. (via @daintattoo)

9. Diamond: Shine bright like a diamond. Add some long-lasting bling to your ink collection with this faux sparkly rock tattoo. (via @playground_tat2)

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10. Wire Hanger: Who knew a hanger could be chock full of meaning? Whether youโ€™re an organization freak (in a good way of course) or purely a fashion junkie, symbolize your obsession with this trendy little wire hanger tattoo. (via @redpoppies)

11. Dolphin: Show off your dolphin love (which never diesโ€ฆ along with your passion for My Little Pony) with this looped and playful marine tattoo. (via @tattooist_noa)

12. Blossom: Whether your career is flourishing or youโ€™re making great personal strides, celebrate a life thatโ€™s in full bloom with this large and in-charge floral tat. (via @moganji)

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