If you’re reading this right now—I’m going to tell you a secret. We’re head over heels for our readers here at Brit HQ, and we love to hear from you! Show us the jewelry you’re making, the hacks you’re creating, and the delicious treats you’re baking. We also want to give you the inside scoop on everything happening at Brit HQ and beyond.

So what’s the best way to do this? Connect with us on our social channels (which is SO easy because we literally have 7 of them).

1. Follow Brit on Pinterest: We have a board for almost everything. Looking for creative ways to stay organized? There’s a board for that. On the hunt for wacky salt and pepper shakers? There’s a board for that too. The absolute best reason to follow us on Pinterest is the holiday boards. Seriously—you’ll discover beautiful ways to celebrate everything from Easter to Earth Day.

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5. Follow Brit + Co. on Facebook: Brit + Co. on Facebook is the another way to stay in touch with the latest and greatest apps, products, style tips, project ideas, and recipes. It’s also THE place to see what other Brit + Co. readers are working on. Did you see this amazing remake of our vintage marquee this week? Swoon! You might even find us giving away a few free Brit Kits on this page :)

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