Life is like a blog of life hacks, you never know what’s going to make it better. Well, this little video is. It’s just about the sweetest thing that you’re going to click-click-click on all day and it’s going to show you that, sorry, you’ve been doing it all wrong when it comes to what/how you’re putting in your fridge, freezer and (eventually) mouth. Ew, is right.

If you don’t know what Tapestry is yet, you’re not reading our weekly app-of-the-week roundup and shame on you! JK, check it out this weekend, we’re still friends, but right now, get to know Tapestry, a website and app changing digital storytelling. Using text, photos and drawings that just make us melt, you can create videos on the platform that a reader/viewer has to click or tap their way through. Like a more pretty, just-for-funsies Powerpoint, keep tapping and the story keeps unfolding. Makes sense?

Good, now on to the video: Tupperware. Leftovers. Fridge funk. Avocado ripening. The way you handle all of the above is about to change majorly after watching Tips for Storing Your Food. Think you know what fruits release harmful gases in the fridge? Have a guess as to what food is “Freezer Champion” with a chilly lifespan of 18 months? (Hint: it’s one that deeeefinitely wouldn’t last a year and a half in our fridge…) Start clicking below to find out:

Freezer myths, defrosted. Fruit longevity, discovered. Leftovers/life, changed. Can we learn everything this way, Tapestry gods?

Tee hee ^

What’s the best life hack you’ve learned recently? Have a video as adorable as the above to share? Do it to it below!