No matter what kind of home you live in—an apartment, a house, a dorm—you’ve likely got some kitchen stuff to organize. But where to get started? These 20 products will help you find a place for your stuff (and make it easier to find and put away). Want more organizational inspiration? Check out some of our favorite organization hacks!

1. Vinea Undershelf Basket ($19): We love the floral and vine look of these organizers, and slipping on an under shelf basket can dramatically increase your storage space.

2. RASKOG Cart ($50): A pick from our colorful storage round up, this little kitchen cart brightens up any space and moves around to be where you need it.

3. Erasable Food Storage Labels ($10): These food storage labels will make sure you only hang on to leftovers as long as they are good. Write what it is and the date you put it in the fridge on the label, and say goodbye to mystery containers.

4. Under the Shelf Cup Holder ($11): We don’t know about you, but we need our coffee in the morning. That means our mug collection is quite expansive. Fit them all in the cabinet with this hanger that slides onto an upper shelf.

5. Bamboo Turntable ($10): Whether you use this on the table or on the counter, you’ll be able to reach all of your condiments and spices with ease. We think it would look even better with a few neon stripes though.

6. Wrap ‘N Bag Organizer ($13): Make use of your cabinet door space with this organizer that fits the boxes for aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and parchment perfectly. Genius!

7. White Band Presso Glass Containers ($15-$25): Keep ingredients you use frequently, like quinoa, pasta, and more in these clear containers on your counter. That way you don’t have to go digging each time you need them.

8. Red Glass Spice Jar ($3): If you buy spices in bulk, you can decant them into these ruby red spice jars. Or use them for craft supplies—sequin shaker, anyone? Red not your color? They’re also available in blue and green.

9. Plastic Bag Holder ($12): It’s one of those true signs of being a grown up that you have to buy a holder to store your plastic bags. At least Urban Outfitters makes a good looking white wire one.

10. Red Tub Dish Tray ($15): Keeping with a red color scheme in your kitchen, this cherry-hued dish tub is just right for the modern kitchen.

11. Vertical Lid Rack ($11): Another great space-saver, this lid rack uses the back of a cabinet door, and lets you nest your pots and pans together making more room in your cupboard.

12. Hand-Thrown Utensil Holder ($42): This handmade turquoise jar is perfect for keeping the utensils you need at-hand by the stove. And because it’s hand-crafted no two will be exactly alike.

13. Wall Grid System ($33): A bit different take on the traditional peg board frequently found in the kitchen, this grid organizer is just begging to be customized. How would you upgrade it?

14. Dipped Canisters ($20-$27): We have a thing for dipped decor right now. And these jars do not disappoint!

15. Verdant Bread Bin ($158): Keep bread (or cookies!) fresh in this beautifully crafted container.

16. 5 Piece Pop Canister Set ($50): We love these canisters for storing food that would normally go stale if you left it in an open container in the pantry. Not only are they fun to use, they are easy enough for little ones to use, making them perfect for kid-snacks.

17. Large Wire Organizer ($12): It might look like it’s designed for your office, but this organizer is a great way to store baking pans and cutting boards. Especially if you have a shelf that rolls out.

18. Tala Storage Canisters ($20): We love the vintage look of these tins. Plus the tops are hinged so they open fully, but you won’t misplace the lid while cooking.

19. Book Magic ($3): For those of you who still cook out of cookbooks, this little contraption will make it so much easier. No more having to find your place again when your hands are covered in flour or tomatoes or whatever you happen to be making.

20. Metal Flatware Caddy ($23): Not enough drawer space in your kitchen? Use this metal caddy to keep silverware stashed in a cabinet or on your counter.

What’s your biggest organizational challenge in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments!