We love us some fashionable activewear, but let’s be real here, we don’t always have $100 to drop on a pair of stretchy pants. So for those of you whose resolutions are to get active and get saving, Forever 21 has come to the rescue with newly released activewear pieces that are just as trendy as they are affordable.


If we didn’t know any better we might have mistaken the modern joggers, tops and sport bras for Athleta or Lululemon. The bras each boast different levels of support, allowing you to dressing according for your chosen activity. Rock the high impact, mesh sport bra ($13) while you bust out a few miles on the treadmill and pop on the medium impact, cage-backed bra ($13) for a yoga session. You’ll also find design elements like smooth pockets to keep track of your keys and safe-visibility design elements to help make those late night workouts a little safer.


True to the Forever 21 price point, these pieces range from $3 for a pair of socks to $33 for a reflective jacket. If you’re into any of these pieces you might want to snatch them up ASAP. When things disappear for this fast fashion giant, they are usually never to return.


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