Activewear has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when workouts were performed in baggy sweatpants and a ratty old shirt. The gym is now as good a place as any to rock your trendiest looks. There’s even a gym bag that looks like a Birkin out there. We’ve seen our share of skintight Lululemon leggings and intricate criss-cross tops, but the up-and-coming active brand Outdoor Voices is taking activewear back to basics — in the coolest way possible.

The brand is the first activewear label to be sold at J.Crew and it’s easy to see why. The looks are clean, simple and totally appropriate for so many places beyond the gym. While the pieces definitely give off a minimalist vibe, they’re anything but boring. Leggings don’t come in black, but rather a perfectly heathered grey or weathered black. The crop tops would look just as good paired with a skirt as they do with sweatpants. These are the kind of basics you’ll have to stop yourself from wearing everyday. Or not ;)

Tyler Haney, a graduate of Parsons and the designer behind the line, says she always been attracted to the concept of casual activity. She grew up in Colorado where being active wasn’t something you did for an hour a day, but rather a way of life. That mindset definitely shines through in Haney’s designs. In fact, the absence of an in-your-face fitness agenda is likely what caught the eye of Jenna Lyons (J.Crew’s Creative Director and self professed fitness avoider, lol).

The pieces range anywhere between $55 for a sports bra to $105 for a slim pair of sweats. It’s definitely not the cheapest activewear available, but we’re guessing these are garments you’ll wear multiple times a week for a very long time, in which case a splurge is definitely in order.

Would you sport any of Outdoor Voices’ looks around town? Could it be the next Lululemon? Tell us what you think!

(h/t The Cut)