When we think of Free People, images of wide brimmed hats, maxi skirts and lacy tops tend to float into our minds. Basically, we envision something akin to Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella. But the brand’s new fall collection is defying all those common conceptions with a refined look that’s a little less “California cool” and a lot more Parisian chic.


Now, don’t get us wrong, the ’70s inspired styles that have become synonymous with the brand are still very much there. You’ll find a plethora of flared jeans, a suede overall dress and a few boxy coats. But the overall vibe of their romantic new collection offers a slightly more minimal look to what they’ve embraced in the past. Instead of rocking that ultra-layered, Mary-Kate a la 2007 look, they’re advocating a simpler style – and consequently, one that will be a little bit cheaper to replicate.


Aside from the the clothing, we’re also digging the accessories we spot here. Thin scarves, cross body bags and berets are a plenty. But the vintage look that really caught our eye was the Faye Dunaway-inspired bandana ties we spotted on multiple models. Could this be the next version of the reemerging choker trend? We vote yes.


What’s your favorite piece from this FP’s new collection? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Free People, h/t POPSUGAR)