Remember the days of exchanging matchy-matchy necklaces with your BFF? We’re talking those heart necklaces that leave you each with “best” or “friend” to rock so everyone knew your friendship was super serious. Ah, memories. As adults, you still have your besties but feel a little young rocking those elementary-style necklaces. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, take a mature spin on matching friendship gifts to show some love to your friend. Whether you’re a buyer or more of a DIY-er, we found 10 gifts that put the “best” in “best friend forever” and will score you major friendship points.

Kate Spade Necklace

1. Kate Spade Pendant Necklace ($58): Your friend is one in a million, and this necklace lets them know it. Exchange each other’s initials, and you’ll always keep each other close… in a super stylish way. Take that, elementary-school necklaces.

Morse Code Bracelet

2. Morse Code Bracelet ($24): Having a secret code with your girls is pretty much the best thing ever. Which is why we’re loving this delicate bracelet that says it all, without really saying it. You know? Plus, you can choose from 18 different colors.

Girl Boss Book

3. #GirlBoss Book ($13): Your BFF not the jewelry type? Instead of rocking the same necklace or bracelet, rock the same book instead. A book club with our bestie, reading about true girl power (sorry, Spice Girls)? Count us in.


4. Zodiac Necklaces ($62): Do you believe in signs? Well this pair of necklaces is it. Handmade constellations from a zodiac map take the whole matchy-matchy thing to new heights.

bucket list journal

5. Bucket List Journal ($17): Friends do everything together. And this journal makes it super easy (and fun) to tackle your bucket list with your BFF.

Debbie Harry Bracelet

6. Debbie Harry Bracelet ($38): This bracelet has us taking a trip down memory lane to the times of making bracelets with letter beads for our BFFs. This adorable gem lets the whole world know who you call your bestie.

Pizza Party Charm Necklace

7. Pizza Party Charm Necklace ($24): No matter which way you slice it, this necklace is the answer if you have a group of solid friends that you’re shopping for. Five BFFs? Problem solved.

Initial Bracelets

8. Initial Bracelets ($25): Delicately simple, you can wear both your initials or buy letters to spell out that inside joke you two have together.


9. Heart Ring ($15): Perfect for true best friends for life — a promise-to-always-be-there-for-each-other ring

Bff Socks

10. BFF Knee High Socks ($10): You two are definitely sole mates. See what we did there? These cozy socks are perfect for movie nights in with your bestie.

Show the love. How will you tell your BFFs they’re truly the best? Tell us in the comments below.