As of late, we’ve got it bad for fringe. From fringe statement necklaces to a fringe tote, we can’t stop dreaming of new and different ways to fringe it up in the style department. Today’s case in point? A trio of flirty fringe skirts!

 – bodycon skirt

– 1 yard of jersey fabric

 – painter’s tape

– fabric scissors

We picked up our three bodycon skirts at Forever 21. Does bodycon sound like robotic talk to you? Us too! A bodycon skirt is tight knit skirt, usually above the knee, sometimes high-waisted.

First thing to do is cut your jersey fabric. For this skirt, we’re making three panels of fringe so we’ll need three pieces of fringe about 4 inches wide by 30 inches long. The length depends on your skirt so it’s best to measure around the skirt – you want the fringe to wrap all the way around. Kind of like… a piñata!

Once you have your strips, it’s time to cut the fringe. Cut 1/4 or 1/2 inch sections, depending on how much fringe you want. Make sure not to cut all the way to the top!

Now, to make sure you sew your fringe on straight it’s time to bust out some painter’s tape. Tape your fringe along so that it’s straight. You only want to cover the edge just barely.

Sew along your line (not on the tape, but right next to it). Peel off tape!

Repeat with as many layers as you like. You want the fringe to cover the top of the layer below it, so the seam doesn’t show too much.

To get your seams to look pretty, stretch the fringe skirt width-wise and the seams will curl over.

And that’s it! How festive is this little number?

We made a few more.

One with fringe all the way up to the top…

And one dressier take with a single layer of longer fringe at the bottom.

Which one of these looks is your favorite? What other garments might you add fringe to? Talk to us in the comments below!