Looking to spice up a tote or two? We took two totes from our tote of totes (yes, we have a tote filled with totes) and decided to take them to the next level. The obvious choice for jazzing them up? Fringe!

 – canvas totes

– fringe

– hot glue

– leather belt

The totes we used were free canvas ones picked up on recent supplies runs. We used a belt found at a thrift shop to create more stylish straps.

Cut your fringe so that it will wrap all the way around your tote. Use hot glue to attach at the top edge. Keep going down the bag with different colors of fringe until you reach the bottom. We recommend layering a little bit so there are no breaks in the fringe pattern.

Now it’s time to add your strap. We cut a thick leather belt in half lengthwise and sewed it into the tote. You’ll obviously need to cut the straps of your tote out before doing this.

And there you have it! Totes fringed up!

Next up, a more natural palette of beige, brown, off-white, and a stripe of navy blue.

The process is the same. Glue fringe onto the tote on the top edge and then turn a belt into two straps.

So fun! Perfect for toting around all your essentials.

Which of these totes do you like best? Bright bold colors or the more natural look? Tell us in the comments below.