Summertime is the best time of year to get the sweetest and juiciest berries. With antioxidants that will keep your body feeling and looking good, berries are the perfect snack for those hot-as-an-oven days. Rather than just popping them straight out of the container — which we are all guilty of doing — branch out and try a few of these ideas to make the best of this seasonal favorite.

1. Berry Smoothies: Whether you have ’em for breakfast, lunch or as a snack, smoothies are a summer necessity. Throw in your favorite berries and enjoy a refreshingly healthy treat. (Photo via Rachel Piorko)

2. Salad + Dressing: ‘Tis the season for lots and lots of salad, but we all know that can get old pretty quickly. Don’t be afraid to switch up your salad by adding some berries on top of your bed of greens. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can dress your salad with a variety of berry-infused dressings found at your local supermarket. (Photo via Scott Harrington)

3. Granola: Granola is a fast and healthy option for those of us who continuously run late to work or class. Simply put some berries in your granola for added texture and a hint of sweetness. (Photo via Maggie Gorman)

4. Sangria Slushy and Mixed Drinks: With all those sugary drinks, getting your cocktail on this summer doesn’t have to be a total buzzkill for your waistline. Add some berries, ice and wine to a blender to create this awesome sangria slushy. If you want something a little boozier, use straight vodka and shake in the berries for a homemade fruit cocktail. Drinking can be healthy, right? (Photo via Kelly Logan)


5. Mint Berry Salad: A refreshing and more upscale version of your classic sweet and fruity salad, this berrylicious medley is great for picnics. It’s also definitely a fan favorite at summer BBQs. Throw in some mint for a cool twist and it’ll be gone in no time. (Photo via Hannah Lin)


6. Yogurt and Berry Parfaits: Deck out your boring old parfait with some berries and a nut butter. The juicy berries will add a bright splash of color, and some peanut or almond butter will add a creamy texture and all-around nutty flavor. To enjoy the beautiful layered sight, you can make the parfait in a mason jar for a super on-trend breakfast. (Photo via Maggie Harriman)


7. Meringues Topped With Berries: These light, airy and sugary delights are 10 times better with a bunch of juicy berries piled on top. The hard shell with its chewy, sticky filling makes a great base for the fresh and fruity top. You can add blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, or even a combo of all three. (Photo via Caitlin Wolper)


8. Berry Pancakes: There’s nothin’ like some piping hot pancakes on a Sunday morning. And these cranberry-infused pancakes are definitely the way to go. The warmth of the ‘cakes softens the tough-skinned, tart berries so they just melt in your mouth. Add a little maple syrup and you’re golden. (Photo via Sarah Strong)


9. Overnight Oats With Berries: A mix between granola with berries and yogurt-berry parfaits, these fruity overnight oats are perfect for those mornings when you’re in a rush. Throw it together the night before and you’ll be all set with a healthy breakfast the next morning. These are also great to take on the go. (Photo via Maggie Harriman)

Have any more berrylicious ideas? Let us know in the comments!