While we always love to see stars try out the latest beauty trends on the red carpet, it鈥檚 refreshingly real when celebs share a #nomakeup selfie. Earlier today, Gabrielle Union posted a gorgeous all-natural selfie on her Instagram, reminding us all about her oft-covered-up freckles.

Just me 鉂

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Union posted the makeup-free pic with the simple caption, 鈥淛ust me,鈥 and commenters were quick to notice her sun-kissed flecks. One wrote, 鈥淎hhh you hve [sic] freckles! Love freckles鈥o beautiful naturally,鈥 while another wrote, 鈥淚 swear you would sell out a skincare line. Please tell us that is next.鈥 Uh, yes please? Sign us up!

With Kickstarters for temporary freckles, and tattoo artists offering freckle tattoos, they鈥檙e having a moment. Union joins the ranks of several other freckled-stars, including Kylie Jenner, who herself recently stunned the world when she posted a fresh-faced selfie that displayed a fully freckled visage. Meanwhile, Megan Markle loves her spots so much, she hates when photogs retouch her sun-kissed spots.

Fans were also in a tizzy about her hair, which she hardly ever wears natural. But people LOVED her curly 鈥榙o, saying, 鈥淭hose curls!鈥 and, 鈥淟oove your Hair鈥 It鈥檚 just sooo Curly鈥 and shows your real inner Beauty.鈥

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