Gwen Stefani is a style icon unlike any other. Whether she鈥檚 sporting a casual look with her kids or rocking blue hair, this is one woman we love with a STRONG sense of personal style. Her look is always evolving, yet she keeps her makeup consistent with a bold cat eye and bright red lips. But since the breakup of her marriage to rocker Gavin Rossdale, Gwen鈥檚 been showing us all sorts of different angles to her personality, even guest starring on James Corden鈥檚 Carpool Karaoke. But now, the singer is sharing something we wouldn鈥檛 believe she ever would: a no-red-lipstick selfie!

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Sharing her #IWokeUpLikeThis pic, Gwen鈥檚 makeup-free and toussled hair look is one we鈥檙e definitely not used to seeing on the singer, but she鈥檚 not any less gorgeous. In fact, we鈥檇 wager that she looks even more beautiful au natural. Her skin is glowing and blemish-free 鈥 and the wrinkles you鈥檇 expect a 46-year-old to have? Not a one in sight in this bare-faced selfie. Gwen, we agree with James Corden: You鈥檙e just ageless. And while we鈥檙e definitely not used to seeing Gwen鈥檚 lips bare, we鈥檙e loving this early morning/late night look 鈥 nude lips included.

Maybe her relationship with Blake Shelton isn鈥檛 just inspiring entire albums of music 鈥 it looks as if it鈥檚 inspiring her to show more sides of herself than we鈥檝e ever seen before.

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(Featured photo via Getty/Astrid Stawiarz)