Our favorite souvenir of a summer spent in the sun聽has to聽be the smattering of freckles speckled across our noses. If you鈥檙e freckle-less, then you know very well those dog days are long gone, and with it, that dose of natural cuteness. Going faux with an eyeliner pencil like聽Emma Stone is one way to get them, but those drawn-in spots never look like the real deal since they鈥檙e too identical in pattern and shape. Of course, there鈥檚 also that smudging issue. But with Freck Yourself, a DIY freckle kit that鈥檚 currently on Kickstarter, all that鈥檚 about to change. Founder Remi Brixton promises a fresh set of tattooed聽freckles that look so authentic, you鈥檒l never go back to that bare face (or liner pencil) again.


Here鈥檚 how it works: There are 72 self-adhesive stencils and a rollerball formula. You apply the sticker near your t-zone, roll the tinted formula (which is similar to self-tanner), remove the stencil and wowza! You unveil a fresh set of natural-looking spots that stay strong for two days. Over time, they鈥檒l fade, similar to tanner.


Though Freck Yourself isn鈥檛 the first product in the faux freckle game 鈥 blogger Mr. Kate brought them to our attention with these Coachella-inspired, metallic freckle flash tats from BeautyMarks.聽However, these look so real, your BFF might do a double-take. Besides, Brixton herself says this is a no-makeup makeup brand, which basically means you can pop out of bed with your gorge set of frecks without foundation. Want to score a kit of your own?聽Pony up at least $28 and you鈥檒l be on the list for a February 2016 delivery. Until then, it鈥檚 back to the drawn-in dots or 鈥 sigh 鈥 going freckle-free.

What do you think of faux freckles? Would you DIY to get some? Share your comments in the section below!

(Photos via Kickstarter)