Are you struggling to make it through the Game of Thrones hiatus? Don’t worry, Elite Daily has you covered with GoT-themed emoji. Forget fan fic, how cool would it be if you could LARP out your own episodes with friends over text?! If a picture is worth a thousand words, these will nab you at least a bag or two of Gold Dragon coins.

Okay, okay, you can’t actually use these in your texts just yet, but you can save them as images and share with your fellow TV addicts. Just don’t send any spoilers! That’s just not cool, no matter what form of communication you’re using. George R.R. Martin will not be impressed.

With the cutesy factor you’ve come to expect from emoji, these actually have a surprising amount of detail. Just check out that facial expression on Joffrey Baratheon! It’s the perfect picture of a bratty young king. We think you’ll need these in your arsenal by the time next season rolls around and to get the GoT characters in on your emoji karaoke-ing ’til then.

I admit to not being a Game of Thrones fan… I’ve just never gotten into the show or the books! (Yeah, I know, you can hold the tomatoes.) But I am super stoked about the idea of emoji that fully express my love for TV. Bring on the Scandal set, I say! Besides, I think this last one is an emoji we can all get on board with:

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? What TV shows would you love to see in emoji form? Talk to us below!