If you’ve been on Twitter, Facebook, or any tech blog today, you probably can’t escape all of the news of the latest Apple announcements. The tech giant will soon be releasing a ton of new software and hardware, most notably, the iPhone 5 which runs the latest new Apple software, iOS 6.

A few weeks ago, I got a sneak peek at iOS 6 and, despite all of the cool features, was most impressed by the hundreds of new emoji icons. I think it’s fair to say that texting is WAY more fun when you use emoticons, wouldn’t you agree?

So, in the spirit of celebrating all of the fun Apple news and the upcoming release of new emojis next week, I spent the morning putting together some emoji-written lyrics from popular songs.

Can you guess which song and artist match each lyric? Share your answers in the comments below. Winners will get to compete in a more challenging round next week with a chance to earn some sweet gear for your Apple products!

Hint on #6: you may draw upon the answer after watching our Weduary launch video. If you’re really good.

Don’t forget to add your answers below! Want to submit an emoji lyric of your own? Shoot an image to us on Twitter or send to hello@hellobrit.com. We’ll add it to the post!