Sorry to break it to you, but if you’re still getting your ice cream fix in a boring circular shape and a cake cone you’re doing it wrong. The summer of 2016 has gifted us with everything from croissant cones to ice cream soups to glitter chipwiches. But if none of those options are fancy enough for you, we have yet another Instagram-worthy way to upgrade your ice cream intake: gelato roses.

Similar to avocado roses, this floral + foodie masterpiece is currently blowing the Internet’s mind. And it’s not hard to see why. The delicate food is a trademark of the ice cream shop Gelarto Rosa in Budapest, Hungary. You can choose up to four flavors, making your already beautiful treat into a rainbow colored masterpiece. A few flavors you can choose from are: hazelnut, cashew, strawberry, pannacotta salted caramel and mango.

If your mind is like “How the F do they DO THIS?!” Here’s a quick GIF from YouYube on how the ice cream makers create these masterpieces.

Wow. If there was any reason to go to Budapest (besides the history, the thermal baths and the picturesque castles) it’s this.