Fact: Every single one of us is born creative. But then, over the course of our lives, something happens. We develop different hobbies, go to school and we get careers. We get busy! Another fact: 77 percent of adults feel as though they’ve lost their creativity. That’s right: Over three-quarters of people who played, colored and imagined as children somehow grew up to believe that their imaginations had expired or that, maybe, the hecticness of life had just gotten in the way.

Our #IAMCREATIVE video series, in conjunction with our #IAMCREATIVE Foundation, aims to turn around that tired old notion that there just isn’t space in our lives for creativity. We are each creative, and sometimes all it takes is patience… and making the time to preserve our inner artist.

Our latest video in the series — which debuts today at Re:Make 2016! — introduces us to three women who have managed to forge busy, successful careers while simultaneously pursuing their artistic passions. Mecca Andrews is a restaurant manager; Pauline Wolstencroft is the senior librarian at an art museum; Leyla Hoffman is a lawyer. All three women work intense hours. Andrews says: “After a long day at work, to be honest, I feel pretty exhausted. It’s very very busy.”

And yet, all three women have found a way to continue active art practices amidst their hectic schedules and demanding careers. Hoffman paints; Wolstencroft is a ceramics artist; Andrews is a dancer. For all women, investing in creativity is a fundamental investment in a complete and enriched self.”What was magical to me when I was younger, and still is, is that you can create something out of nothing,” says Hoffman. All three women are quick to point out that their art makes them feel complete. “It’s everything!” Andrews says.

If that doesn’t inspire us to take the time to stay an artist, nothing will! You are creative. I am creative, too.

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