It’s day two of CES 2016 and the convention is going strong. While there’s so much cool new stuff, it’s easy to get lost, but luckily the Girl Scouts of the USA have a booth nested within the Sands Expo Hall in Las Vegas where they’re showcasing Digital Cookie 2.0. And boy, we gotta admit that walking into that booth feels a little bit like meeting up with a familiar old pal — but it’s an old friend with a sleek, upgraded new interface and some awesome new digital features.


Gone are the days of the old penciled-in forms. Digital Cookie 1.0 was introduced last year and it changed the cookie-selling game. This year, however, the app/site got a total makeover with the help of sponsors Dell and Visa. We got the lowdown on Digital Cookie 2.0 from Erin, a Girl Scout from Northern California. She walked us through the extremely user-friendly mobile app which of course has a easy-to-use cookie ordering page.


It even has the added option of donating a box of cookies. “It usually goes to shelters and stuff,” Erin tells us, but the cookies could also make their way to our troops and other causes. Cookie donation isn’t new, it’s been around since Digital Cookie 1.0, but it’s an awesome way to give back at just $5 a box. You can have your cookie and eat it too.


Each Girl Scout has an online account that helps her keep track of the number of cookies she’s sold. Also, the app and website aims to get the girls more interested in STEM (the Girl Scouts latest campaign on social media is #genSTEMgirls). “It’s really fun,” says Jackie, a Girl Scout from southern Nevada, in regards to the app. As for the website, Avery from Oakland, California tells us, “I love that the website is more personalized. It also makes it easy to track your goals.” The app also gives the Girl Scouts access to helpful tips on selling like how to connect with an adult as well as teach them safety awareness. Both Girl Scouts tell us they look over the safety and selling tips all the time — whenever they don’t know an answer to something, they consult the app for it.


Sadly, there’s still no way to order cookies without the aid of a Girl Scout, but thankfully, buying them is now so much easier. And thanks to the Cookie Locator app, your Thin Mints are just a few taps of a screen away.

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