This just might be the ultimate snack hack — you can find out when and where Girl Scout cookies are being sold near you online or from your phone. Those Tagalongs are so close you can almost taste them, right? Well, these will help you put your favorite cookie where your mouth is.

Visit Little Brownie Bakers’ website and enter your zip code for an incredibly thorough schedule of when and where the little leaders of tomorrow are selling your 4pm snack today, proof above! Download the app and — Bonus! Find out what your preferred cookie says about you. I always knew my popularity, strength and confidence could be tied back to something.

The free Girl Scout Cookie Finder app will also help map out the nearest Do-si-do station in no time. This might be the best app for you depending on where you live, since Little Brownie’s site only finds troops selling cookies from one of the two GSC bakeries that supply our snack happy US of A.

Shh, don’t tell but the closest location for us to get our Thin Mint fix right now is in the Brit + Co. kitchen. Excuse us, we have an errand to run…

‘Fess up: How many boxes have you demolished so far this year?