Hello, nail enthusiasts! Word on the street is that there’s a new Korean beauty trend on the block that you *need* to know STAT. If you’ve already mastered the Mul-Gwang technique and have a fair share of go-to Korean beauty products in your makeup bag, glass nails are about to rock your world. Just as the name suggests, glass nails were created to resemble fragments of broken glass complete with a three-dimensional, holographic look. Here’s the kicker, though: They’re not really made of glass.

Eun Kyung Park, the South Korean manicurist and owner of the salon Unistella, came up with the concept after observing the lining of an abalone shell and experimenting with cellophane candy wrappers. Fast-forward to now and you can purchase pre-cut stickers that — when combined with a basecoat, nail color and topcoat — create salon-worthy results. Check out these 14 mesmerizing glass nail designs that will straight-up stun and have you craving a fresh mani.


1. Statement Tips: Minimalist enthusiasts, this one’s for you! These vivid blue tips, meant to evoke gemstones, pack a punch without being overwhelming. (via @pink_pony_tail)


2. Three-Dimensional Glass Nails: Could’ve fooled us! If we didn’t know any better, we would have sworn that these fashion-forward nails were created using real glass. (via Park Eun Kyung)


3. Iridescent Glass Nails: For a transcendent mani, simply arrange iridescent glass stick-ons into a visually interesting negative space pattern. Voilà! (via @urbanwit)


4. Abstract Nail Art: When nail art meets contemporary design, you get one seriously far-out manicure. Now all that’s missing is some dainty finger jewels. (via @unistella_s)


5. Neon Nails: Are you green with envy yet? For your next #athomemani, mosaic glass accent nails are obligatory. (via @rt_hyerl)


6. Negative Space Nails: Be it a winter wedding or black-tie affair, these white nails with iridescent glass shards hit the mark. Consider them a modern update on your traditional French manicure. (via @iamsssssu)


7. Stained Glass Nails: It’s all about creativity and placement with this Rihanna-esque mani. Use blue glass nail decals to create a stunning stained glass effect on your well-groomed tips. (via @allaboutcherryc)


8. Cool-Girl Approved: Update your all-black-or-nothing mani routine with some adhesive glass shards that are guaranteed to add a sartorial edge to every look. (via @nail_unistella)


9. Jewel Nails: We can’t stop staring at this one. Between the prismatic blue and the glamorous jewel-like design, this glass mani is a certified showstopper. (via @kitoffkilter)


10. Unistella Glass Nails: Crunched for time? Stick on some diamond nail decals at the base of your nails for a next-level look. (via @nail_unistella)


11. Fancy Nails: These tips are so outlandish that you can’t resist showing them off. We want. (via @klaaaarice)


12. Shattered Glass Mani: Enter the nail hack of the century. Use scissors to cut up pieces of glitter into minuscule shards before carefully arranging them into an eye-catching mosaic pattern. (via @polishpals)


13. Shine Bright Mani: Subtle these iridescent digits are not. Shine bright like a diamond with this glass mani that has major star-studded appeal. (via @modinall_official)


14. Blogger-Approved Glass Nails: Major swoon. Style blogger Aimee Song was quick to jump onboard with glass nails. These elegant tips practically speak for themselves. (via @songofstyle)

Will you be will experimenting with glass nails this season? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Vogue)