Those who know me will tell you that my day-to-day look is pretty tomboyish; I didn鈥檛 even wear a full face of makeup on聽a normal workday until age 30, and I haven鈥檛 done it again since. So, as you might expect, I was kind of the perfect candidate to guinea pig the no-makeup makeup look being peddled by the NYC indie beauty brand, Glossier.

Glossier Phase 2

If you live in NYC like I do, you鈥檝e no doubt seen Glossier鈥榮 *super effective* ads all over the subway 鈥 especially if your commute takes you on the L train, aka the Williamsburg-Bushwick express (v strategic placement, Glossier!). Featuring fresh-faced models (who also happen to be Glossier employees) and promising a dewy complexion that moves and feels like real skin, the campaign for Glossier鈥檚 recently released Phase 2 collection gives a vibe of effortless downtown cool. It鈥檚 makeup for the girl who doesn鈥檛 really pluck her eyebrows or spend longer than five minutes getting ready for work. The girl who doesn鈥檛 mind hitting the town with a little bit of bedhead and slightly (or not slightly) wrinkled boyfriend jeans that only just barely pass the sniff test. The 鈥lazy girl,鈥 if you will. In other words: me.

The collection comes in a cute if not altogether durable ziplock-style plastic bag lined with pink bubble wrap. I would give the packaging a B+ overall; cute and unique if a little cheap looking. Moving on: Phase 2 includes a brow pomade (鈥渂oy brow鈥), a sheer matte lipstick (鈥済eneration g鈥) and a waxy 鈥渟tretch concealer.鈥 The idea behind all three is a translucent buildability that lets you choose your level of coverage without being all 鈥渓ook at my makeup!鈥


So, how about the formulas? Well, simply put, I really like them. Boy brow in brown gives my brows a little added bristle without looking too fake, and the soft color makes it hard to mess up. How it works for YOU depends on what you鈥檙e looking for in a brow product. My eyebrows naturally are pretty full and an ok shape, so boy brow suits my needs by adding just a little bit of thickness and texture. If you鈥檙e looking for shaping, boy brow might not be the product for you.


Generation g, which I鈥檓 going to start referring to as 鈥渢he lipstick鈥 because generation g is kind of a silly name, comes in four your-lips-but-better shades. I alternated between the two medium ones, 鈥渓ike鈥 (a pinky neutral, pictured) and 鈥渃rush,鈥 a deeper rose. Both are pretty subtle and, in my opinion, not all that noticeable unless you really coat 鈥檈m on. They鈥檙e nice for daytime, though, and with fairly good wear. My only complaint is that they鈥檙e a tad drying, but then again so is any matte lip product. All told, me likey.


Finally, the concealer. It may surprise you (or not at all) to learn that I鈥檓 new to the world of concealers, so I have very limited basis for comparison. That said, I would complain that this very sticky and waxy formula brings out every single fine line under my eyes and isn鈥檛 great for masking my chin acne. Then again, it鈥檚 a nice color corrector 鈥 is that what you鈥檙e supposed to use concealer for? 鈥 and the medium shade suited my olive complexion just fine. I probably wouldn鈥檛 buy this on its own, but I do find myself using it regularly.


All in all, I think Glossier鈥檚 got a good thing going (despite my weird facial expression in the above pic). If you like highly-pigmented statement makeup you might not adore this collection, but if you鈥檙e a roll-out-the-bed-and-out-the-door kinda person, these might become your go-to faves.

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(Product photo via @glossier)