Whether you鈥檙e gluten-intolerant or gluten-free by choice, the restrictions on your diet聽and your choices can make you develop a new allergy to diets altogether. But swearing off wheat doesn鈥檛 have to mean swearing off all of the pleasure in eating. After all, eating good food in good company is an experience that we should all have the opportunity to indulge in. This week,聽to聽Upgrade Your Life, we鈥檙e cutting the wheat from the chaff and sharing five apps that will help you enjoy a hassle-free, gluten-free lifestyle.


1. Have a Night Out: When you have a food allergy, the fun of eating out quickly fades when you can鈥檛 find an allergy-free restaurant in the vicinity. Fortunately, there鈥檚 AllergyEats, an app that helps you locate gluten-free-friendly restaurants in your area. Restaurants are rated as allergy-friendly based on real feedback from prior diners who have assessed how accommodating a given restaurant is for individuals with allergies. You can simply choose the allergy 鈥 from gluten to tree nuts to dairy 鈥斅燼nd search for an allergy-friendly restaurant near you. After you鈥檝e eaten like a king, the apps helps you pay it forward by rating the restaurant for other diners.

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2. Join a Community: If you鈥檙e a fan of Yelp聽but need an app that is more allergy-friendly, check out Find Me Gluten Free. This app lets you find local gluten-free businesses and view reviews, menus and directions. The app also allows you to easily suss out the gluten-free menu options at popular chains like聽Burger King, Chili鈥檚 and more. For extra assurance, dining cards are provided so that you can give your waiter a聽complete list of your food intolerances when you order to help prevent unwanted surprises. With a community of over two million users, you鈥檒l be in good company among other savvy, gluten-free diners.

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3. Eat This, Not That: If you鈥檝e ever asked yourself, 鈥淐an I eat this?鈥聽and it鈥檚 fallen on deaf ears, there鈥檚 finally an app that will answer you.聽ShopWell is a diet and food scanner app that allows you to scan the barcode of a food item such as a box of cereal and learn instantly whether it meets your dietary requirements and whether there is a healthier alternative. The app rates a food鈥檚 suitability for you on a scale of 0-100. You can customize your dietary profile as gluten-free or聽heart-healthy, for example. When you provide feedback to the app, you can even earn rewards to make eating right even sweeter.

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4. Stay Current: If you鈥檙e a foodie who loves to keep up with culinary trends and gain new insights into the gluten-free lifestyle, the聽Delight Gluten-Free聽app can make your wishes come true without any allergy-inducing fairy dust. The app is the mobile version of the bi-monthly, international聽Delight Gluten-Free Magazine. It聽offers a host of tantalizing recipes, photos and articles catered to gluten-free individuals. Magazine subscriptions can be purchased within the app.

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5. Read Me: You may know your dietary restrictions like the back of your hand, but聽your waiter and the restaurant chef don鈥檛.聽This can lead to unwanted surprises sneaking onto your plate. Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from CeliacTravel.com was created to close this communication gap. The app allows you to print out at home more than 40 restaurant cards that clearly communicate your dietary restrictions in multiple languages.聽You can then give this card to restaurant staff when you dine out to help make your dining experience more streamlined for everyone involved.

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Do you have food allergies? What hacks do you use to take the hassle out of eating?