We ain’t about to let a little gluten allergy get in the way of our dessert eating habits. There are loads of alternative ingredients to create gluten-free versions of our favorite desserts. First it was Girl Scout cookies, and now we are bringing you 10 more gluten-free desserts. Even your non-GF will be begging for more.

1. Brownies: Swap out the flour and sub in the cornstarch. What you get are amazingly decadent brownies to satisfy your next chocolate craving. That simple. (via David Lebovitz)

2. Earl Grey Crème Brulee: So this may be a bit of a cheat as crème brulee is always gluten free, but this custard infused with Earl Grey steps things up with aromatics that will impress guests at your next dinner party. (via Honestly Yum)

3. Red Velvet Cupcakes: Love, it’s the best ingredient out there. And these cupcakes are full of the stuff. The recipe was developed by daughter for celiac mom. Just add coconut flour and some heart felt “awws.” (via Recipe Girl)

4. Apple Crisp: This apple crisp is naturally sweetened with honey, making it a flavorful and healthy alternative to a traditional crisp. (via The Corner Kitchen)

5. Oreo Hack: Oreos have long been loved by vegans, and now glutoids no longer need deprive themselves. A genius blend of gluten-free flours form the perfect chocolate cookies to sandwich vanilla cream. (via Cake ‘n’ Bakes)

6. Pie Crust: You probably have given up on pie completely, huh? Well, this pie crust is not only gluten free, it’s tastier and easier to make than a traditional crust. (via I Am Gluten Free)

7. Chocolate Mousse: This is another recipe that is gluten free by nature, and tastes as good as it looks. Who doesn’t love a large pot of chocolate? (via Inside the Kaganoff Kitchen)

8. Three Ingredient Sunbutter Cookies: These sunflower butter cookies almost sound too easy to be true. Three ingredients, mix, roll and bake. Oh, and if you don’t like the sounds of sunflower butter, use peanut butter instead. (via Coffee and Quinoa)

9. Best Ever Chocolate Quinoa Cake: This is described as the most decadent chocolate cake you’ll ever have. Tasty and nutritious? Uh huh. (via Making Thyme for Health)

10. Five Minute Meringue Sundae: Lucky for us, meringue cookies are naturally gluten free. Simply swap out the chocolate wafers for some shaved chocolate and you have a delicious dessert sundae. (via Oh Joy!)

Which dessert is your sweet tooth craving? Let us know in the comments below.